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Why choose a LAT domain extension for your website?

August 18, 2022

LAT domain extensions are becoming a favorite when it comes to naming Latino websites. Find out why it is the ideal choice to identify your project or business online.

We Latinos are proud of our roots and now more spaces are available to express ourselves. It is well known that the use of the Internet grows exponentially every day and Latin America represents a community that has a lot of participation in digital activities.

In fact, by the beginning of 2019, according to data from Statista, Brazil had 150 million Internet users, Mexico 89 and Argentina 35.5. This last figure was almost equaled by Colombia at that time. At the same time, the rest of the Latin countries are constantly growing in terms of Internet use.

And as if that weren’t enough, Latinos are present in every corner of the planet like the almost 60 million who live in the United States, for example. This suggests that these people also produce and consume information in Spanish and are completely identified with Latin content.

What is a LAT domain?

When giving digital life to a project, one of the fundamental aspects is to define its name. The domain is that identifier that your website will have on the Internet.

Its structure is composed of two parts, for example “” is the domain of this site. In this sense, the extensions correspond to the element that is after the dot. Among the most used extensions you can find .com, .net and .org, just to name a few.

Specifically, the LAT domain was created with the intention of offering a denomination related to the Latino community. Its objective is to distinguish social and cultural Latin manifestations, as well as commercial ones.

Benefits of using a LAT domain

If you still have doubts about the competitive advantages that result from using a LAT domain, read on and discover how this type of extension can positively influence the performance of your website:

1. Increase the probability of getting visits

The full names of websites should be representative of the business and easy to remember. A domain with a .lat extension is the perfect last name for Latin websites. Beyond a country, LAT extends the reach of your business to the entire Latin American region, increasing its visibility.

2. Provides added value to your website

Using a .lat extension accompanying the name of your website will provide your site with a differentiating element. It will undoubtedly add value to you as a Latino digital resource, regardless of your geographic location.

3. Offers greater availability of names

This refers to the fact that getting the name you want with a .com domain is very unlikely. Having a relatively new domain on the market increases the possibility that the name you want to place on the digital version of your project is available.

On the other hand, LAT allows you to register names that include characters belonging to the Spanish alphabet such as vowels with accents and the eñe (ñ).

4. Helps to improve positioning

LAT in some cases works as a geographic or territorial domain. This implies that Google gives priority to sites with this extension by virtue of the fact that the user making the search is located in a country belonging to Latin America.

Likewise, there is less competition in striving to reach the top of search engine results lists, compared to other widely used generic domains.

5. It is oriented to a growing market

It is well known that so far in 2020, Latin companies have had to increase their virtual presence, like all of them globally. In the same way, users have increased their online activities substantially.

It is also important to note that impressive growth in the use of digital technologies is expected with the arrival of 5G networks in the area.

Latinos are visionary and innovative people. Increasingly, the world of online entertainment and ecommerce are being impacted by the presence of Latin American entrepreneurs from all sectors.

In the same way, the social behavior of Latinos and their deep-rooted identity is reflected in their habits in the virtual world. Undoubtedly, these characteristics incline them to prefer those digital products with which they can have a sense of belonging.

At LAT we live and promote the connection with the traditions and origins of the Latino culture. That is why one of our reasons for being is to spread and create the necessary conditions to facilitate the adoption of .lat domains as a faithful representation of Latinos on the Internet.

Finally, we want to invite you to join the community of successful digital projects with a 100% Latino identity. Take advantage of the promotions that we currently have to register your LAT domain.

Let’s build together a better future for our Latino community, through the ideal combination of modernity and tradition.