Top Latinos Working in Technology

Top Latinos Working in Technology

October 7, 2022

Get to know all the top Latinos who are making a splash in the technology industry.

Latinos are taking an increasingly active role in some of the world’s largest companies, including many of the technology giants.

From mobile devices to spacecraft, Latinos are working on the new technologies that will change our lives and society.

Below we give you a list of the top Latinos working in technology today. You will definitely keep hearing from them!

1. Sergio Buniac, SVP Motorola Latam

Sergio Buniac is a Motorola Mobility veteran, having spent the last 18 years in various roles within the company. Currently, he is the corporate vice president and general manager of Latin America and president of Motorola Brazil, and is responsible for the business strategy and direction for all operations in the region.

2. Rubén Caballero, VP of Wireless System Design – Apple

Caballero’s team at Apple is distributed in 26 countries and is responsible for developing and implementing technology such as GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth.

Caballero was born in Chile and he has been working for Apple since 2005 when he joined the team developing the first iPhone.

3. María Fernández Guajardo, Oculus Head of Product Management

Guajardo leads the teams in charge of exploring the possibilities for the use of virtual reality. She is also in charge of the teams that develop the central technology for VR glasses and supervises the creation of the new glasses for the project, Half Dome.

4. Juan Flores, VP National Public Affairs – AT&T

Flores leads an army of employees (some 11,000 people around the world) who are in charge of global operations for AT&T infrastructure. This includes the management of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for companies and consumers, as well as all mobile data services, including broadband, text and multimedia messages.

5. Andrés García, Sr. Turbomachinery Engineer – SpaceX

García is currently working on the team in charge of designing the next generation of rocket engines, which he believes will be essential in our quest to achieve interplanetary travel. Very exciting stuff!