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Top Cities in Latin America Beloved by Tourists

October 7, 2022

Our region has many wonders, but just a few cities in Latin America are really loved by tourists. Do you want to know which ones?

Which cities in Latin American would you like to visit on your next vacation? If your only criteria is that they are on the continent, and you like seeing things other people have rated as highly enjoyable, you might have a wide range of options to choose from. To make your task easier, we’ve prepared a short list with the top Latin American cities that you should visit soon.


1. Cancun, Mexico

Millions of tourists can’t be wrong. Cancun is the undeniable star of tourist destinations in Latin America. It’s a perfect combination of white-sand beaches, deep blue ocean waters, hundreds of historical sites with pyramids, the best and biggest theme parks, world-class cuisine, plus lots of tequila, and mescal. And don’t forget about the famous Mexican hospitality!

Punta Cana

2. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Many people will associate the Punta Cana name with all-inclusive hotels and 24/7 fun but will have problems locating it on a map. I don’t know if it’s a brand success or brand failure but who cares as long as tourists keep flowing in and turning the Dominican Republic into one of the most visited countries in Latin America?

Mexico City

3. Mexico City, Mexico

With the same persistence as that of the first conquerors, tourists keep invading the grounds of the capital city of Mexico. Aztecs and their breathtaking constructions have maintained their allure for centuries. Nowadays, together with a very attractive all-year round cultural agenda, there is no doubt the pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico keep attracting many tourists year after year.

Buenos Aires

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The best meat, the best empanadas, the best tango, the best wine, the best football… you will hear all of that and more if you ask an Argentinian for a reason to visit Buenos Aires. Definitely, what mostly attracts tourists to Buenos Aires is the lifestyle and vibe. Everybody wants to walk through its barrios and listen to its milongas, learn to dance and watch a football match live at La Bombonera.

Rio de Janeiro

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is another legendary Latin American city. Many of us have a preconceived opinion about Rio without having visited it even once. Although we know that it’s not a year-round carnival and samba all over, we kind of expect to see exactly this during our potential visit and sometimes it’s even better.


6. Lima, Peru

Some envious people might say that tourists only come to Lima to make a brief stop before going to Machu Pichu, but Lima has its own charms. The historic center is a real gem, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and it’s beautifully preserved and clean. There are so many historical churches that you might feel like you’re in Rome, and the food… It’s enough to say that Lima has been named the world’s top culinary destination more than once.


7. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is by far more popular among tourists than Bogota, the country’s capital. First, it’s right in front of the ocean and who doesn’t love a beach? Second, it’s so photogenic and “Instagram worthy” with its cobbled streets, pastel-colored walls and bougainvillea decorating balconies that you will have your camera turned on at all times. Last but not least, it is where Gabriel García Márquez situated his novel “Love in the Time of Cholera”.

This is our Top 7 cities in Latin America loved by tourists. Follow us on Twitter and tell us which cities you would include on your list!