Top 5 Latin Restaurants in the World

Top 5 Latin restaurants in the world

October 7, 2022

From Mexican to Peruvian, and Brazilian to Argentinian, Latin restaurants are constantly ranked among the best in the world. Here are the Top 5:

Success, for a restaurant, means being considered among the very best in the business, and there are a selected few in Latin America that fit this description. These Latin Restaurants constantly fill the top 50 restaurants in the world lists, and deservedly so.

For the purposes of this article, we have considered as a “Latin restaurant” all restaurants based in Latin America. However, we are giving honorary mentions to some very successful Latin-owned restaurants located outside our region.


1. Pujol, Mexico City

Widely considered as Mexico’s best restaurant, Pujol has all the attributes to be regarded as the best one in Latin America too. Of course, this might be a controversial choice, as a couple of Peruvian restaurants may object to this designation, but it just makes sense.

Let me explain.

Mexico’s traditional cuisine was the first one in the world to be declared by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Pujol, a creation of renowned chef Enrique Olvera, is the finest representative of this cuisine and it makes a point of showcasing the rich history of this gastronomy in each of its plates.


2. Central, Lima

With apologies to Maido (considered by many as Peru’s top restaurant), Central is the actual gem of the Peruvian gastronomy scene these days. Its mere existence is a tribute to the country’s rich and diverse cuisine.

Chefs Virgilio Martínez and Pía León, are the rare successful team of husband and wife in the kitchen, and they have accomplished this by making the most of Peru’s extraordinary landscape that goes from the Pacific to the Amazon, passing through the Andes.


3. D.O.M., Sao Paulo

Everything about D.O.M. is cool. Its chef Alex Atala, used to be a DJ and has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. Its menu is based on rare ingredients personally chosen by Atala on his multiple trips to the Amazon, and he collaborates constantly with local producers and indigenous communities.


4. Boragó, Santiago de Chile

This Chilean restaurant offers a menu that changes according to the seasons of the year, as its chef Rodolfo Guzmán is one of the most environmentally conscious chefs in the international gourmet scene. Boragó has actually won the recently-created Sustainable Restaurant Award.

don julio

5. Don Julio, Buenos Aires

To put it simply, this is the best steakhouse in the country of steakhouses. Each and every one of the steaks served at Don Julio goes through a sophisticated process that guarantees customers will enjoy the best ‘asado’.

Among the Latin restaurants not in Latin America worth a mention here, we can include Lima (and Lima Floral) in London which basically launched the Peruvian cuisine trend in the U.K.; Cosme, Mexican chef Enrique Olvera’s establishment in New York, and last but not least, Peruvian restaurant Tanta from chef Gastón Acurio in Chicago.

It’s no surprise that Peruvian and Mexican restaurants dominate the scene, as they are two of the most recognized cuisines in the world nowadays. However, we know that, as it happens with every ranking, for sure this one will prove controversial. For this reason, we invite you to leave your opinions in the comments section and passionately make the case for your favorite Latin restaurant in the world.