Tips to have a successful ecommerce

October 7, 2022

It is one thing to have an ecommerce and quite another to be successful. The tips that we bring you now will help you gain an advantage in today’s competitive digitized world.

It is clear that online shopping has increased exponentially since the Covid-19 health crisis. This has led businesses to accelerate their digitization and their presence on the Internet, therefore, the number of online stores is increasing day by day.

In this context, to have a successful ecommerce it is necessary to compete and stand out, apart from offering a value proposition convincing enough to convert and retain customers.

There are several digital marketing strategies that drive the growth of an ecommerce. Likewise, the technical and organizational part has a substantial influence. On the other hand, planning, dedication and perseverance are also key aspects.

Let’s see then some of those particularities that should not be missing to maintain a business at the top of electronic commerce:

1. Use modern designs

In addition to being visually attractive, it is very convenient for online stores to offer user-friendly experiences. It incorporates the most innovative elements of web design, including:

  • Minimalist navigation
  • Dark mode
  • Irregular, floating elements and layers
  • Responsive design

Of course, be sure to minimize page loading speed and ensure data protection.

2. Reinforce the basic elements

Always keep in mind that you should make life easier for your ecommerce visitors. In this sense, providing a well-organized product catalog is essential. Adding a category menu with a description and a representative image is very useful, as is having a search engine that makes it easy to locate products by just typing a couple of words.

The shopping cart must remain visible and easy to locate. Additionally, it must allow managing actions such as adding, modifying, deleting and continuing with the purchase process in a dynamic and intuitive way.

For the payment, it is important to build trust and provide different options that provide comfort and security to the user. Likewise, providing detailed information regarding prices and shipping options is vital.

No less relevant is customer service in a timely manner. At this point, it is advisable to locate telephone contacts, forms and chats in visible places. Obviously, virtual assistants and support team must be available to meet the requirements in an effective way and as soon as possible.

3. Create engaging content for search engines and visitors

Use SEO (Searching Engine Optimization) strategies so that users find you when making their queries in search engines. Keep in mind that the content you publish on your ecommerce favors the positioning of your pages in the search engine results, as well as having an impact on the purchase decision of visitors. Here are some tips:

  • Generate content aimed at your target audience.
  • Provide complete and easy-to-understand information.
  • Write creative, original and unique texts.
  • Incorporates size and measurement guides.
  • Links the characteristics of the products with their benefits.
  • Build a connection with your customer.
  • Use sensory adjectives or emotional triggers.
  • Avoid giving complicated or unnecessary information.
  • Use long-tail keywords.
  • Optimize content for voice searches.

Remember that improving product descriptions influences the organic traffic of your ecommerce, in the same way that it favors conversions.

4. Use content marketing

Successful ecommerce companies don’t expect potential customers to magically reach them. Attracting them and convincing them that they are the best option to solve their needs, problems or satisfy their tastes is a constant question. In relation to this, having a presence in all possible digital showcases gives them visibility and increases the probability of conversion.

In this context, having a blog and shining on social media is a great advantage. Through posts framed in your niche and related to your products or services, your brand will gain authority and traffic to your ecommerce will increase.

Likewise, complementing the above with email marketing strategies will undoubtedly bring benefits to your business. A good idea to distribute valuable content, newsletters, offers and prizes.

5. Earn extra points with details

From logistics, through the functionality of the website to the delivery of the product, its quality and after-sales service are opportunities to stand out. Each step of the process influences the success of an ecommerce. Even keeping employees happy has a positive effect.

As a last tip, monitor the behavior of your online store visitors using tools like Google Analytics. This will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and allow you to adjust if necessary.

Another important detail, if your intention is for your ecommerce to succeed in the Latin market is to choose the correct domain. be sure to check out our post: why choose a LAT domain extension for your website.