Tips for creating a healthy workspace

August 18, 2022

The workspace influences work performance, take into account these tips and get the most out of that corner where you perform your productive activities.

For many people “working from home” sounds like a dream, the truth is that it has its advantages, but it does not mean that the effort is less. Whether for telecommuting or freelance work (freelancer), performing work functions at home requires some adaptations to achieve optimal results. One of them is to create a healthy workspace that allows you to concentrate and stay focused on your tasks for long periods of time.

The following tips will serve as a guide to create your own work environment according to the reality in which you live. Living alone is not the same as living with a family or even with small children. It will also depend on space and resources, however, with some creativity and making the necessary adaptations according to the case, you can design your perfect home office.


1. Create a separate room for your office

Ideally, use one room exclusively to create your workspace. Closing the door can give you the feeling that you are isolated, separate from home affairs and avoid distractions. In fact, it is even more convenient when you share the space with other people.

When the above is not possible, you can choose a corner of the living room or some other room by delimiting the space through furniture and decoration.  Painting the wall or corner designated for your work area is a good idea. Make sure it is next to a window, natural light and fresh air will be your allies.


2. Don’t forget about ergonomics

You will probably feel like staying in bed using the laptop or perhaps lying on the sofa, it is a luxury you could afford at home. However, be careful that your back and neck don’t take a toll on you later.

It is advisable to use a table that is at least 75cm deep.  This will allow you to rest your forearms and stretch your legs. Of course, the chair is even more important. It is best that you can adjust its height and that it has a wide base to protect the lumbar area; its backrest should adapt to your back and a base with wheels will prevent muscle strain when moving it.


3. Keep your workspace clean and tidy.

A tidy space will give you peace of mind and the necessary motivation to focus your attention on your tasks. Avoid having items on your desk that you will not use at that moment. Place office supplies and other materials in the same place, preferably in drawers, so you know where to get them quickly.

Although you will surely have organized your files and notes digitally, it is not a bad idea to have a bulletin board or a physical board where you can hang relevant information instead of having papers on the table. Tidy up once a day and once a week do a deep cleaning to help you get rid of what you don’t need.


4. Extra elements to create harmony

Beyond having a workspace at home, the most important thing is to achieve greater productivity without risking your physical and mental well-being. Using all possible resources to create harmony will undoubtedly favor your work performance. Here are some ideas:

  • A touch of nature would come in handy. Placing plants in your workplace, besides bringing freshness and beauty, will help reduce anxiety and stress levels.
  • Remember to have good lighting. Whether natural or artificial, make sure it is not reflected on the screen to avoid eye discomfort.
  • Playing with colors will also give you benefits. Keep in mind that white conveys order, blue is good for concentration and some red or orange details can give you injections of creativity.
  • Your workspace should be far away from televisions, since they are an irresistible source of distraction.
  • Don’t set up your office in walkways or common areas, this will also help avoid interruptions.
  • Use headphones to increase concentration.
  • Delimit your working hours.
  • If other people live in your home, make them understand that while you are at your workspace you are not available.
  • If you are taking care of children, you can place a small table and chairs nearby and assign them drawing or handicraft tasks.

In short, any idea is valid when it comes to conditioning your workspace to make it healthier. And if you have any other tips, don’t hesitate to share them on our social networks.