back to school

4 tips for back to school

September 26, 2022

Getting back into the rhythm of daily life after a long summer vacation brings children and young people to experience different and contrasting emotions: the joy of meeting their classmates again, the desire to try a new path, but also the difficulty of resuming the routine linked to school times, the awakening, the fear of not being up to the task, especially if it is the beginning of a new school year.


Back to school is also a delicate time for families, a point of reference and support for all students. Parents need to find the right way to support their children, whether they are children or teenagers, to promote well-being at school from the very first days and make this time of transition less exhausting.


For children and young people, school is a test of how they advance in their history, in their backpacks they carry much of their personal style, their family dynamics, their way of reacting to frustrations and new discoveries. They, the true protagonists, must be accompanied and lovingly supported by their parents, favoring the emergence of emotions and feelings, without taking away from them the pleasure and effort of assuming new responsibilities. For this reason, the role of the family in the return to school is fundamental. Preparing to face the new school year is not easy; the return to school at all ages triggers different mechanisms depending on the case.


For parents, being aware of the different phases their children go through, of how they react to different situations, where pride in maturing is often combined with fear of making mistakes, represents an important opportunity to grow together. For parents of children starting their school career, in kindergarten or elementary school, it may happen that they experience separation with apprehension.


Children perceive these fears without really understanding the causes. It is important to take the time to talk about one’s emotions as an adult and let children express their expectations, excitement and fears about the beginning of this new experience. Moreover, the transition from elementary school to secondary school represents a delicate transition phase, characterized by the desire for autonomy and, at the same time, by the care needs of childhood, which tend to be hidden.


1. Getting used to the alarm clock

Going back to school means getting up early for the first time. We know how difficult it can be to get back to routine and, conversely, how important rest is for learning. It is equally important to do it gradually, establishing bedtime and wake-up times that can guarantee children at least 7-8 hours of sleep. The advice is to start a few days earlier, anticipating bedtime at night and keeping children active during the day.


2. Plan the week

Prepare a weekly activity plan together with your children and youth to help them approach tasks gradually and with an overview. It is essential to include in the plan moments of leisure and play, to help them concentrate better during study hours.


3. Prepare everything necessary for school the night before.

Children, especially teenagers, often waste a lot of time in the morning looking for the right clothes or preparing their backpacks for school. Choosing clothes the night before, as well as preparing books, snacks and everything they need for the day, will allow them to sleep a few minutes longer and enjoy a good breakfast.


4. Eat breakfast

It may seem trivial, but having a leisurely breakfast every day, perhaps enjoying something good and nutritious (especially the first few days), will help children have adequate energy to get through the morning. It will also be a moment that will stimulate them to get out of bed and start the day with something positive and enjoyable.


It is known that going back to school is not easy, but by following these tips children will gradually get used to it and return to the usual routine. It is a stressful and time-consuming process, but it can be achieved by following these 4 ways. You must leave laziness aside and get back into the routine will be excellent for them.