Latina entrepreneurs

The most successful Latina entrepreneurs

October 7, 2022

Who are the most successful Latina entrepreneurs today? Discover them and get inspired by these powerful ladies who never take ‘no’ for an answer.

Behind every successful man, there is a successful woman? We were told something like that for years, but it turns out that there are incredible Latina entrepreneurs who prove that they don’t need a guy in front of them to climb the corporate ladder.

Mayra González, Mexican

Let’s start with Mayra González, a Mexican woman that started right at the bottom and took the Nissan Company by storm. Get ready for a true Cinderella story. González began as a salesperson in 2001 at a car dealership. Eleven years later, she became the first woman on the company’s operations committee, and five years later she was named the first female president of the Mexican subsidiary. Incredible, isn’t it

Three years later, in 2019, she was moved to Japan as General Director of Nissan Global Sales. She tells a story about how she once asked the president of the Nissan Company for permission to take a picture in his office because it was going to be her office someday. He laughed, but he let her do it anyway… I guess her story is not over yet.

Kat von D, Mexican

Most of us know Kat von D from the reality show Miami Ink and L.A. Ink. She was born in the tiny town of Montemorelos in Nuevo León, México, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 4. She quit school when she was 16 to pursue her tattooing career and the rest is history.

Reality tv made her famous, but her success comes from her makeup brand Kat Von D Beauty, which she created with Sephora, and rebranded it later as KVD Vegan Beauty. And now, she is after some new projects. She is bold, she is creative, she is famous, she is difficult to define. Not the typical businesswoman we have in mind but… “You can be anything”, right?

Jessica Alba, American with Mexican roots

Who doesn’t know Jessica Alba? She is Latin American, she is beautiful, she has a dream job and a dream family, and… she is a successful businesswoman. Besides that, her company is named The Honest Company and provides eco-friendly baby and beauty products. If somebody didn’t love her before, has to love her now.

Salma Hayek, Mexican

Salma Hayek is another well-known Latina, who knew how to turn her fame into a successful business. And she is a co-founder of not one, but two wellness companies: Food Brands Cooler Cleanse and Blend It Yourself. The first one provides organic juices that help you lose weight and the other one produces smoothies that you can drink or use as a face mask. How comfortable and ecological at the same time!

Sofia Vergara, Colombian

Let’s close with another well-known name. Sofia Vergara became world famous after her successful participation in the TV show Modern Family. She is an incredibly successful entrepreneur. She co-founded Latin World Entertainment (LWE), a company that helps Latin talent in Hollywood. She is praised for her business talents and has a special eye for opportunities.

Being Latin and a woman is not an easy task in these challenging times. However, these women showed that with hard work and the right attitude, anything is possible.

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