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The most acclaimed Latino writers in the world

October 7, 2022

Hispanic literature has contributed enormously to the world treasury of books and Latino writers have made great contributions. Who are the most acclaimed among them?

Some names are so renowned that even people that are not considered book worms are familiar with them. Thanks to the vastness of the Spanish speaking territory, Latin writers enrich the legacy of Cervantes with local flavors.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombia)

“Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice” is one of the most famous book openings of all time. Hurry up and read One Hundred Years of Solitude by this Colombian writer before Netflix turns it into a miniseries. This is the book that started the Latin American boom and made Gabriel García Márquez the most famous Latino writer.

Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru)

I remember when I read The Time of The Hero and found it extremely compelling, the same as millions of other readers in the world. Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize winner, is the most famous politician among writers, and the most famous writer among politicians. This Peruvian author has also gained recognition in non-literary circles due to his interesting social life.

Octavio Paz (Mexico)

Octavio Paz is the pride of Mexico and a winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. In The Labyrinth of Solitude this poet and essayist shaped the way people understand his home country; and it is still a required reading. He is also the author of the most elegant and refined definition of the slang word “chingar”.

Julio Cortazar (Argentina)

Julio Cortazar is considered one of the best short storytellers, not only among Latino writers but in the whole world. His surreal worlds with unexpected twists that leave the reader totally perplexed are his trademark. Don’t blame anyone and The Continuity of The Parks among others will dwell in your mind long after finishing the story.

Isabel Allende (Chile)

Isabel Allende from Chile is the most famous female writer in Latin American literature.  She is able to create fantastic worlds that invisibly intertwine with the only one we know. Some critics accuse her of being a mere imitator of the magical realism by García Márquez but everyone that read The House of Spirits, or watched the movie, will be up in arms.

Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina)

Borges is a synonym of intellectual writing. Many people know his work and many claim to have read it, but not so many have been able to grasp its underlying and complex meanings. You might even know Borges without having directly read him. The most famous book by Paulo Coelho The Alchemist is strongly inspired by a short story by this Argentinean genius, without its complexities obviously.

Ernesto Sábato (Argentina)

Although most of his readers know only one of his works The Tunnel, it might be enough to recognize his brilliance. It’s a criminal story far from a typical “whodunit” as it starts with a confession to the murder. Surprisingly, killing the suspense lets you focus on the deranged psyche of the narrator.

Latin America is rich in literature as in so many other things, and there is no shortage of great writers in the region. Do you have a favorite Latino writer that you want to share with us? Follow us on Twitter and join the conversation!