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The Latin series we want to see in 2021

July 4, 2022

Latinos definitely know how to tell stories in their own way. Without a doubt, there are countless great Latin series that we want to see this year, take a look at our varied selection!

Subscription TV and streaming platforms have become the entertainment media par excellence in recent times. In this area, productions made in Latin America continue to gain ground with endless options.

Whether you like drama, comedy, suspense or action, we are sure that in the list that we bring you below, you will find more than one Latin series that will catch you.

1. Capadocia

A prison in Mexico City serves as the setting for this drama that intertwines interesting stories of various women. Meanwhile, the humanitarian side and corruption collide between the interests of several relevant figures. On the one hand, a lawyer fights for the rights of the inmates and on the other, someone seeks to exploit them commercially through a manipulative and perverse plan.

An interesting fact is that this raw and brutal HBO Latin America series was nominated for three International Emmy Awards.

2. Green Frontier (Frontera Verde)

Do you want to see something bizarre with supernatural elements? In this case, Green Frontier is your best option. This production is born from the pen of the same filmmaker who created “The Embrace of the Serpent”, a film nominated for the Oscars in 2015.

On this occasion, the enigmatic Amazon jungle lends itself as the ideal environment for this Colombian Netflix miniseries.

The investigation of violent deaths that occurred on the natural border between Brazil and Colombia attracts a detective from the urban area who is forced to do her job in the midst of situations that lead her to undertake an internal journey that connects her step by step with the essence and magic of the Amazon.

3. Devil Guardian (Diablo Guardián)

It is an Amazon Prime original series based on the award-winning novel by Mexican writer Xavier Velasco. Controversial and charming, this production revolves around a girl who at age 15 stole more than $ 100,000 from her parents and fled to New York. As the days go by, the young woman becomes an expert in the art of seduction.

This is how Violetta tends to stalk wealthy men in the lobbies of luxurious hotels and then hunt them down like the effective predator that she is. However, in a moment she becomes a victim of her own game, falling into the clutches of someone more cunning than herself.

Prostitution, drugs, trafficking and violence are present in Violetta’s world. Despite his questionable morals, this character manages to make the audience fall in love between circumstances attached to reality and narrated in a brutal way.

By the way, the Spanish actor who plays Berlin in “La casa de papel” has a role in this excellent series.

4. Dark Desire (Oscuro Deseo)

Lawyer, university professor, married and 40 years old, are some of the characteristics of the main character of the Mexican series. Suspense and eroticism take over the plot when she gets involved with a young man on a night of adventure and, to her surprise, it does not end there.

This Netflix thriller fresh out of the oven, unfolds between the mystery marked by a tragedy and sensual majestic scenes. Irremediably, Dark Desire has generated a stir on social media.

5. Fugitives (Prófugos)

This Chilean series has had a great reception among HBO Max users, after being incorporated into its catalog of Latin productions last May 2020. The story unfolds around a group of 4 men who have the objective of transporting a drug shipment.

The journey from the Bolivian border to the port city of Valparaíso in Chile, passes between mistrust and resentment. But necessarily the crooks end up trusting their lives with each other when trying to survive an ambush during the delivery of the merchandise.

6. How to survive single (Cómo sobrevivir soltero)

Dramatic comedy? Here’s a heartbroken former heartthrob actor in search of love and happiness. This millennial Amazon Prime series is set in Mexico City.

It is a story that begins with a great publicly spectacular love disappointment. Then the protagonist begins an intricate journey of dating and unsuccessful attempts to find some affection. And to top it all, his friends don’t seem to be the best helpers and advisers.

Some critics call it a great and entertaining mockery of romantic comedies.

Are you ready for your next series marathon? We hope you enjoy our recommendations.

But before we go, we would love to know your opinions if you have seen any of the productions we mentioned above, just as we would like to know what other fabulous Latin series you are waiting to see during 2021. Write us!