The best online learning platforms

September 26, 2022

If you want to increase your knowledge or acquire new skills, don’t miss this selection of the best online learning platforms.

Technological evolution has brought multiple benefits, especially with access to the Internet and the use of electronic devices. For example, nowadays geographic location, time and money are no longer excuses to stop training. On the web there are numerous online learning platforms that offer different opportunities to take courses and pursue professional careers, even for free.

The best of all is that the online teaching modality, also known as e-learning, offers the possibility of learning according to the needs and pace of each person. Pre-recorded courses, live classes, short sessions and complete careers with certificates endorsed by universities and institutions recognized worldwide, are alternatives that are just a click away.

Whatever your goal is, now more than ever it is feasible to get an education. Join us to know some details of 5 online learning platforms where you are very likely to get the ideal training program that suits your needs.


1. Coursera

With the belief that anyone, anywhere, has the power to transform their lives through learning, Coursera provides the resources necessary for its students to have the ability to learn without limits.

Coursera works in partnership with more than 200 leading companies and universities. Its catalog contains around 4,000 courses on different topics such as Graphic Design, Business Analysis and Programming Languages, among many others.

In addition to a wide range of specialized courses and programs that you can complete in a day, this EdTech allows you to venture into new fields such as Data Science or Information Technology through professional careers, even without previous experience in the area.

2. Crehana

The purpose of Crehana is to prepare students for the challenges of the future. One of its strengths is that it uses microlearning by implementing short video classes to generate 22% higher recall than traditional education. On the other hand, it also uses project-based learning validated by mentors.

In Crehana you can find more than 800 courses classified in 22 categories. Some of them are: Photography, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Leadership and Crafts. Additionally, this educational technology company has an app that facilitates access to its material from any electronic device.

3. Udemy

It is defined as the leading global learning and teaching online store. Udemy connects students from all over the world with the best instructors. In addition to having a wide selection of 183,000 courses, this platform updates its content every month.

Among the main categories of courses available on Udemy are: Computer & Software, Personal Development, Design, Business, Marketing, Photography and Music. Most of their programs are paid, however, they tend to launch excellent offers frequently.

4. Tutellus

With the motto “learn to be better” Tutellus presents itself as the largest collaborative learning platform in the Spanish-speaking world. Design, simplicity and technology is its formula to provide simple, social and fun learning experiences. More than 100,000 video courses of all topics and levels are waiting for you on this site.

From careers related to Blockchain and Trading, to of course the most demanded that have to do with Design, Marketing and Software Development, Tutellus has multiple alternatives to grow professionally. On the other hand, you will find short courses in different areas such as languages, culture, applied sciences, natural and social sciences.

5. edX

When you go to the edX you are immediately invited to learn at the best institutions in the world. More than 160 universities are members of this EdTech, as well as non-profit organizations and other leading institutions worldwide.

The University of Massachusetts and Harvard University are the creators of edX with a mission to enable their students to access education to realize their potential, eliminating the barriers of cost and location. Over 3,000 free courses are available on edX in categories such as Computer Science, Finance, Communications, Health and Business.

These EdTech are far from the only ones in the educational technology market, but they are certainly among the best online learning platforms out there. It is definitely easier now to train in any area at different levels.

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