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The best documentaries made by Latinos

October 7, 2022

Join us as we take a look at some of the best documentary films made by talented Latinos.

Most people have probably seen documentaries made in many parts of the world but have not focused on Latin American creators; that is why today we will mention some of the best documentaries made by Latinos filmmakers.

Hija de la Laguna (Daughter of the Lake)

It is a documentary of Peruvian origin presented in 2015 and directed by Ernesto Cabellos Damián.

The photography has very aesthetic and quite elaborate shots, with the correct lighting, angulation and position in each one, which in addition of being a piece of art, has the necessary mood to reach the emotions of the viewer by putting him/her in the protagonist’s point of view.

The history of this documentary is based on the peasant families that live in Cajamarca, which is a region located in the northwest of the Peru. This site was very close to a lagoon known as “Laguna de Conga”, where gold was discovered, so a very powerful mining company in Latin America called Yanacocha began to extract the gold, without any regard for the environment, destroying all the lagoons that supplied the peasants with water.

As a result of this situation, protests were formed against the mining company, and the peasants were joined by the people of the city. They went to the streets to demand an answer, but the security personnel attacked them, killing 5 of the protesters.

This documentary received the award for “Best Documentary” at the International Film Festival of the Southern Countries of the World held in Argentina in 2017.

Tesoro Escondido (Hidden Treasure)

It was created by Luis Ara Hermida and released in 2017. Hermida was born in the United States but his entire career as an audiovisual creator was learned and practiced in Latin America, for this reason, we included this documentary in our list.

Characterized by its striking aerial shots, this documentary is expressly made to demonstrate to the viewer that Peru is a treasure that hides many secrets, offering an interesting culture, a unique gastronomy and landscapes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

In this documentary we will go from the coast to the depths of the jungle, and we will be able to see different types of cultures, different types of fauna and different types of flora, in addition to the customs and habits that become very marked among the tribes and cities of Peru.

Chile en llamas (Chile on fire)

This documentary was created by a group of Chileans in Germany under the name “Chilen *innen”.

The documentary tells the story of the Chileans that, after an increase in the subway fare, began to protest, resulting in a violent response from state security personnel, and ending with approximately 25 deaths during the confrontation.

The protests accomplished the initial task, which was to reduce subway fares, but without a doubt, there was a bigger issue at play, given that the state personnel responded in such an aggressive way, and so, the protests in Chile still continued but with a new objective: to elect a new Constituent Assembly to represent them.

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