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The best apps to create your logo easily

July 4, 2022

Your brand logo is an essential part of your identity and now you can easily create it yourself.

For some entrepreneurs, starting a business from scratch involves multitasking on their own, at least initially. They have probably been receptionists, delivery people, interior decorators and marketers. And although graphic designers are the right professionals to create a logo, there are applications that anyone can use if necessary.

Fortunately, a diverse and wide range of digital resources are available today that can help bring your brand to life. From courses and tutorials to intuitive tools and apps that are available to everyone.

If you are at that crucial moment of creating the corporate image of your business, take a look at this list of the best apps with which you can easily create your own logo.

1. Logo Maker: Logo Creator, Generator & Designer

This app available for Android offers functionalities to select and combine textures, colors, backgrounds, stickers, shapes and fonts. In addition, it provides text and photo editing utilities such as rotate, resize and flip, among others. With this tool you can create your logo easily and quickly from your phone.

2. Logo Maker Plus: Create logos, graphic design

It is a fairly versatile and complete app that organizes icons by categories that you can later edit. A list of 700 fonts is available and allows you to incorporate custom elements into your design. With Logo Maker Plus you can also give your logo a 3D look, as well as insert text with a gradient fill.

3. Logo Maker: Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates

With over 7,000 templates available for Android and 3,500 for iOS, this app contains thousands of ideas suitable for more than 30 different industry categories. In addition to this, it has more than 100 overlays and backgrounds that you can play with to create your ideal logo.

4. Watercolor Logo Maker: Small Business Logo Design

If you want to go a bit further and make an artistic logo with a handmade style, Watercolor is the perfect app for you. With watercolor-like finishes, the results provided by this app are ideal for creatives and companies that market artisan products. This application is available for Apple devices.

5. 3D Logo Maker: Create 3D logos and 3D designs for free

This tool contains an easy-to-use interface, suitable even for inexperienced users with basic knowledge of graphic design. It can be used especially by freelancers, entrepreneurs, small organizations and foundations.

With a library of 100 backgrounds and 30 textures, as well as various options to customize the design to your liking, 3D Logo Maker is a good alternative when it comes to creating three-dimensional logos.

6. Free Logo Design: Create a free logo in minutes

If you prefer a web application, Free Logo Design describes itself as the best HTML5 logo maker. Available on the Internet since 2015, this tool has been used by more than 2 million entrepreneurs when launching their businesses.

With thousands of logo ideas that you can adapt to your convenience, you have the option of downloading your 200-pixel x 200-pixel design for free, in PNG format. In case you want to obtain it in high resolution and different formats for professional use, you must buy it.

7. Hatchfull: Create stunning logos in seconds

This is Shopify’s online logo maker that allows you to create professional logos for free. Just by answering a few questions, Hatchfull uses Artificial Intelligence to show you logo ideas according to what you need.

At the end you must register on their page to receive the files corresponding to your design in your email.

8. Canva: Design what you want

Without a doubt, it is a tool that has become an important ally for entrepreneurs when it comes to building visual pieces. Besides many other options, Canva contains an extensive library for creating logos.

In your design, you can incorporate thousands of elements available on the platform such as figures, texts and shapes in the same way as you can incorporate external backgrounds or photos. You also have the possibility of applying effects, transparencies and filters. At the end, you can download your 500-pixel x 500-pixel logo, in PNG format.

In conclusion, we want to highlight that before creating your logo keep in mind that it is a fundamental piece to give your business identity and of course, promote it. In this sense, it is convenient that your logo is simple, appropriate, memorable and versatile.

The important thing is that this image transmits the values ​​and personality of your brand, that it is unique and stands out among millions of logos. Another aspect to consider is that it must be easy to understand and include icons and perhaps a slogan according to the products or services you offer. Lastly, make sure it looks good and adapts to different spaces (digital or print).

Definitely, learning by doing is part of the path to be traveled in the world of entrepreneurship. And although the knowledge and skills of a graphic design professional can never be substituted, it is a great advantage to have these useful apps to create professional logos according to what is required.

Are you ready to make your own logo? If you know any other apps that you want to recommend, comment on our social networks!