best apps created by latinos

The best apps created by Latinos

October 7, 2022

Take a look at the best apps created by innovative Latinos!

We live in a technological era, and we cannot accomplish many of our daily tasks without the help of mobile apps. Applications for smartphones have become something that all of us need in our daily lives. For that reason, countries like the United States and China have developed many applications that are essential tools for all of us.

However, Latin America is no exception. In many Latin American countries, a large number of apps have been produced and now, they are considered as some of the best mobile applications in the world. Purnina Kochikar, director of the business development division of applications for Google Play, said in 2015 that Latin America had increased 60% in the development of mobile apps. She mentioned that, for this reason, Latin America is a very important region for this company.

Google Play and the App Store have many applications designed by Latin Americans. Which are the best? Which have achieved greater success? Below, we give you a list with some of the very best.


CAPPTU – Mexico

Downloads: 100K+
It is a Mexican app created by Manuel Villegas and Héctor León. It was launched in 2015 as an application for photography enthusiasts who want to get money with their abilities. The application allows you to upload your photos, display them in the Capptu image bank, and when someone wishes to acquire the rights of your photo, you receive a percentage of the profit.

The idea for creating the app arose after noticing that most stock photo sites offer only images with an American lifestyle. On the contrary, Capptu offers 100% Latin images, with a well-marked Latin style.


DUOLINGO – Guatemala

Downloads: 100K+
It is an app developed for learning foreign languages, totally free. It was created by the Guatemalan Luis Von Ahn and launched to the public on November 30, 2011. Among the languages offered for Spanish speakers you can find English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc. For English speakers, you can find courses in Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, etc.

Duolingo has achieved great success thanks to its learning system. For example, in 2013 Apple chose Duolingo as its iPhone App of the Year, additionally in 2013 and 2014 it was the most downloaded app in the education category on Google Play.



Downloads: 100K+
It is a famous Chilean app that has achieved great success thanks to the benefits
obtained by using it. It has been named as one of the best 10 apps in the world. Rocketpin allows its users to act as incognito customers to inspect products and services. The app will give missions to its users by sending them to some stores or drug stores to monitor the quality of the services or products, the user will have to take photos discreetly and answer some surveys. Then they will get a bonus for their work.

Rocketpin works for prestigious companies such as Motorola, ABInBev, Hasbro, Huggies, Kimberly-Clark, and Telefónica. It continues to gain more prestige and more companies rely ever more on the reviews made by this app.


USOUND – Argentina

Downloads: 100K+
This app was created to improve sound quality. Mainly, it was developed for people with hearing problems. However, it can be used by any type of person, since the app prepares an exam to determine the level of sound each person should use. In this way, regular headphones can become sound amplifiers.

For its innovation, this app has won a variety of awards. For example, Ezequiel Escobar, the app’s creator, was recognized as one of the 10 innovators under 35 in Argentina. Additionally, he has won awards from the US embassy in Argentina, for Forbes magazine, Sadosky Awards, etc.



Downloads: 100K+
Do you like to sing? Do you plan on having a karaoke party? Then this is the app you need! Karaoke Smart is an app created for music lovers. Simply and effectively, it allows you to sing karaoke from your mobile phone, tablet or even your television.

Besides being a karaoke app, Karaoke Smart is also a social network. It allows you to follow and be followed by other people, share your karaoke videos and compete to be in the ranking of the best. For that reason, Karaoke Smart has gained a lot of popularity in Peru and its surrounding areas. It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and it just keeps growing.



Downloads: 100K+
This app has gained much popularity despite being relatively new. The reason: you can watch your favorite tv series or novelas wherever you are. Latin Americans love watch their novelas faithfully, they never want to miss any chapter. For that reason, this app has proved very useful, since you can continue watching your novela at any time.

The app has access to the majority of television service providers, including DirecTV, Xfinity, Spectrum, Dish, and Optimum. Also, it has had over 100,000 downloads, which makes it
one of the most downloaded Latin apps.


WHEELS – Colombia

Downloads: 100K+
This app lets you share a taxi or your vehicle with people you know. It works similarly to Uber; however, the difference is that you will never have to share the vehicle with strangers. The app allows you to share a vehicle with your friends from social networks, personal friends or WhatsApp contacts.

After creating a user, the next step is to choose your group of trusted friends. Then you invite them to share a vehicle with you, program the route and you will have your application set up. Wheels has been recognized by institutions such as Forbes and Latin America Green Awards, due to the fact that it helps the environment. Besides, Wheels is used by important institutions such as Tigo, Toyota, Mapfre, etc.


HABLALO – Argentina

Downloads: 50K+
This has been an extremely beneficial app for people with hearing problems. The creator’s words were: “break the barriers of communication.” It is noteworthy to know that the creator is an 18-year-old boy, the son of a teacher for the deaf. For this reason, the young man understood well the needs of people with this type of disability.

The application works as a type of translator, which can translate from text to voice or voice to text. The app has achieved great acceptance within the deaf community. Additionally, it has won awards from Google, Congress of the Argentine Nation, Peking University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


PAGANZA – Uruguay

Downloads: 50K+
It is an app that allows you to make payments in a surprisingly simple way. All that is needed is to create a user, link a bank account or debit card, and then you can make payments instantly by simply putting your phone’s camera on a QR code.

Also, it allows you to send and receive money from your friends or acquaintances. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its simple payment system. The app has revolutionized the payment method in Uruguay, which makes it the leader of mobile payments according to the Central Bank of Uruguay. Annually, it processes more than 150 million dollars. It has also been awarded and recognized locally and internationally by the Nova Award, BBVA Open Talent, NextBank Latam, and Appcircus, among others.



Downloads: 10K+
Despite being a newly launched app, Comparabien has become a success in Peru. Thanks to the benefits you get, the app has been used more than 14 million times. It allows you to compare different prices in order to choose between several services or products. For example, you can compare between credit cards, mortgage loans, fuel prices, and term deposits. In this way, the user can choose the option that is more beneficial or cheaper.