The best applications to save and control your finances

September 26, 2022

Regularly, getting tips about your finances can be a bit confusing, so we share with you some applications that will help you to manage your money well.



Gimme5 is also a digital piggy bank created in Italy, thanks to which you can save money and reinvest it, through different types of investments, from the quietest to the riskiest. You can set up saving rules, or set up a regular withdrawal from your account that goes into this piggy bank. You can invest from 5 euros. The application is free, excluding management costs and investment fees.



Spendee is an app that serves to control all income and expenses by interacting with other home banking apps. In fact, it will be possible to link your own accounts, but also e-wallets such as PayPal, to the application, in order to keep track of every purchase made. Of course, it is also possible to enter expenses manually.

The application will provide an overview of all expenses, and through graphs will show in which categories you spend more or less. It will be possible to set limits on our budget, so that we do not spend more than we have set, and it is possible to do this for each category, such as food, travel, bills.



Tricount is a very useful application in case you have to divide expenses among several people. Just think of a trip with friends, or household expenses, between roommates or partners.

Just create a group, enter the participants and start entering the expenses, the application will do the math for you and divide the expenses equally among all members of the group. The calculation is done in such a way as to ensure the lowest possible reimbursement. The application is free, but the paid version includes advanced calculations, such as different percentage divisions among the participants



In terms of budget management, Mint is a very complete app that allows you to keep track of all our expenses, linking our accounts and payment cards, as well as controlling all our subscriptions, such as Netflix or Spotify, and invoices. It is possible to create budget categories to understand what we spend our money on.



BudJet is an app developed for iOS that allows us to add all our income and expenses, set budgets and goals, as well as spending limits for certain categories, so that we can control how much we spend. The interface allows us to control our flow of income and expenses through simple graphs, so we can see how much and how we are spending.



Available for both iOS and Android, Oval works like a digital piggy bank through which we can accumulate savings, monitor and control spending and invest.

This app allows you to set aside money every week according to your savings rules and habits and make it grow over time thanks to the investment products available. All the information is available in the app to make informed decisions about the financial products available to users.

To use it, you need an IBAN from an account or card with SEPA direct credit.



Available for iPhone and iPad, this app, designed specifically for those who want to save money, is very easy to use, as well as fun: one of its peculiarities is the customizable 3D money jar graph, where you can keep track of your savings goal and feel rewarded for every amount you set aside.


With Loot, we can calculate the time it will take to reach our goal based on the amount we want to set aside and stay up to date via push notifications.


Visual Budget

Visual Budget is developed by Kiwi Objects is a great tool for managing family and company accounts, as it is simple to use, but at the same time it is equipped with advanced analysis and grouping tools.

Several accounts can be managed simultaneously, grouping them into different groups. From a standard template that can be adapted to most situations, a scheme of income and expenses is created.

We can assign a budget to each category and closely monitor income and expenses, and we can enter financial transactions manually or by importing CSV or OFX files. Using numerous bar or pie charts we can quickly visualize the breakdown of transactions, budget changes and budget tracking.

The only drawback is that the free version has a limit of 10 transactions per account on Android devices and 50 on iPhone. To have unlimited transactions, you have to purchase the Premium version within the app.