Principles of digital marketing in Latin America

August 18, 2022

Marketing products and services using digital marketing strategies has become practically mandatory for those companies that want to be successful. Learn about the principles that drive online businesses to succeed in Latin markets.

Digital marketing is here to stay and continues to advance to become a core aspect of business nowadays. Today, the United States is the benchmark in this area. On the other hand, Latin America continues to adopt the best marketing practices and even adapt them to the reality of consumers in the region.

It is well known that new marketing is about putting the product in front of the right person at the right time, without disturbing them comfort. Today, virtual environments lend themselves perfectly to applying this modality. However, the constant evolution of digital marketing requires being up to date to make the most of its benefits.

In this sense, it is totally convenient to know which are the most used digital marketing principles now, especially in the Latin American context. Let’s see some of them:

1. Content marketing

Companies of all sizes in Latin America continue to invest time and money in strategies that revolve around content. Reaching the target audience and attracting potential customers through valuable pieces of text and audiovisual material has become a fundamental element of digital marketing.

In relation to this, blogs and social networks are the appropriate means to share content of interest to the audience. These publications can be informative, educational, entertaining, motivational or any other type that is useful to users. In short, it is an excellent opportunity to publicize the brand, generate leads and retain customers.

You can find here some interesting data on the use of social networks in Latin American countries, according to Statista

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Among millions of web pages published on the Internet, it is increasingly necessary to use techniques that allow them to be positioned in the top positions of the search engine results. Competing for visibility is not an easy task, but neither is it impossible. Because of this, SEO or Searching Engine Optimization is a marketing foundation that becomes important as the days go by.

If there are users consulting information through Google or Bing, you will need to optimize every corner of your websites. In fact, it is not enough to prepare content for written searches but also for voice searches.

3. Emotional marketing

Latin American brands more than sell, seek to create experiences that are fixed in the minds and hearts of their customers. It is not enough to attract but to fall in love, to generate a positive impact on the life of the consumer that goes beyond immediate satisfaction.

Arousing emotions to influence purchase decisions and form affective bonds is possible by storytelling, inspiring and creating community. In the end, transforming customers into brand lovers or ambassadors of your brand will be the best reward for your business.

4. Regionalization

Although the different countries that make up the Latin American region share certain characteristics, there are many others that are specific to each locality. In marketing, segmenting markets is decisive, focusing strategies on well-defined niches helps to propose better solutions for consumers.

In Latin America, companies can make prospects and clients feel identified with their commercial proposals using regionalisms. Adapting the language and using elements of the culture of the area, are points in favor in terms of businesses oriented to specific geographic markets.

5. Online presence monitoring

Every project has a monitoring and control phase. In the case of digital businesses, it is important to have tools that help measure the performance of their digital platforms, the impact of their marketing campaigns and their online reputation.

Conveniently, Latino entrepreneurs have incorporated web analytics and social listening into their marketing strategies. In this way, they can direct actions towards market trends, strengthen the brand, detect new business opportunities, and at the same time monitor and manage the opinions of their customers.

To culminate, it all comes down to taking references from traditional marketing and taking them to the virtual world considering the preferences of current consumers, who mostly seek to interact with brands, feel identified and make them part of their lives.

The goal of implementing the principles of digital marketing is to obtain happy customers, who with their testimonies end up being the best advertising for your company and an essential pillar for the permanence and growth of your business in digital environments.

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