latino entrepreneurs in technology

Outstanding Latino entrepreneurs in the technology industry

August 18, 2022

There is no industry without Latin talent, and Big-Tech is no exception. Discover some of the most outstanding Latino entrepreneurs in the technology industry.

For some reason, people don’t associate Latin people with technology. But that’s just a stereotype that many Latinos have been destroying one success story at a time. Just like in any other field, Latinos are everywhere to be found in the technology industry.

Adolfo Babatz, Clip

Adolfo is the co-founder of a successful startup that is changing the way Mexico’s small businesses charge for their products and services. Graduated from MIT and with experience at big-name companies such as Paypal and Carlyle Group Mexico, Babatz had all the background to succeed in tech. He just needed the right idea. And then Clip came along.

Clip is a clever credit and debit card reader that works through a smartphone or tablet and makes transactions much easier for small merchants in Mexico. Applying to get a Clip for your business is a very straightforward process, especially when compared with all the requirements that banks and credit card companies ask for a common card reader. Considering the scale of the informal economy in Mexico, Clip is truly a game-changer.

Julián Rodríguez, Access Bazaar

Born in New York, but of Dominican descent, Julian Rodriguez might be the prototype of Latino entrepreneur. Graduated from Stanford, he also has studies at the New York Code + Design Academy and Fordham University. Rodríguez has been a Bitcoin Thought Leader, worked at companies such as Cablevision and Tyrax, and is a board member of The Knowledge House, an innovation fellowship for careers in technology and digital design.

Julián is the founder and CEO of Access Bazaar, a company that is simplifying the wholesale food and grocery distribution business. With the support of the Bodegueros Association of USA, Bazaar has been growing steadily and raised over a million dollars in capital and secured over 30 active retail groups.

Ramona Ortega, My Money My Future

Founder and CEO of My Money My Future (MMMF), Ramona Ortega is also the Vice President of Strategic Alliances for the Latino Startup Alliance and an entrepreneur in residence at Azlo. An expert of non-profit organizations, Ramona is working to improve the financial conditions of young people of color in the United States.

MMMF is a digital financial platform focused on helping young Latinas and other minorities with quality financial guidance. Their goal is to empower young people to better manage their money.

Elizabeth Vilchis, latinoTech

At 30, Vilchis founded latinoTech with the goal of pushing Latino talent and leadership into the technology industry. Besides being the CEO of latinoTech, she works at Softomotive, a company focused in Robotics Process Automation. What other organizations has she been associated with? Samsung, The STEM Institute (a NASA funded program) and (founded by some guys named Zuckerberg and Gates).

Have we mentioned that she is from Mexico and arrived to New Jersey at the age of 7 as an undocumented immigrant? Actually, her story has made its way to Forbes, because it’s the American Dream in a nutshell: “Undocumented Immigrant Launches Company for Latinos in Tech”, said the headline of one of the sacred cows of capitalism.

These are just a few of the many Latinos making their mark in the technology industry. There is still a long way to go, but people like Adolfo, Julián, Ramona and Elizabeth, are paving the road for the new generation of Latino entrepreneurs in tech. Do you know any other Latino success story in tech? Follow us in our social media and start the conversation.