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Most followed Latin American artists on TikTok

July 4, 2022

Who are the most followed Latin American artists on TikTok right now? The answer will probably surprise you!

TikTok, the video-sharing app of the moment has become extremely popular among Latin American artists and influencers.  With videos that are short, easy to make, and able to show the more relaxed side of artists, TikTok has taken the Latin social media market by storm. Everybody wants to reach the level of American and Indian stars or become a Latin version of Charli D’Amelio. But who is really excelling at it?

Lele Pons: 8.5 million

Lele Pons knows how to play the game almost on every platform. She started on Vine, then moved to YouTube, Instagram and now she is the Latin American queen of TikTok. Her huge success can be attributed to her good looks combined with a slapstick sense of humor and widely entertaining skills.

Jennifer Lopez: 7.8 million

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t need much of an introduction. Apparently, she understands the market and social media. And you have to if you want to stay on top for as long as she has done it. JLo joined TikTok in February 2019 and quickly spiraled to the top. She entertains her followers with short viral videos that make headlines. She is supported by her kids who, unlike other teenagers, are happy to see their famous mom on this platform dominated by teens.

Camila Cabello: 7.7 million

Maybe it’s her age, but this Cuban-American “Señorita” has almost 8 million faithful followers. Camila doesn’t create too many videos but apparently it doesn’t bother her fans at all. They are thankful to know that she loves pizza with pineapple and that she secretly leaves CD’s signed by her in music stores every now and then.

Sebastian Yatra: 6.1 million

This Colombian singer is killing it on TikTok! He is not only handsome, romantic and talented but also very creative and funny. Aside from that Sebastian is fully bilingual, which definitely helps him to expand his base of followers.

J Balvin: 6.1 million

J Balvin is another Colombian singer who loves TikTok and TikTok loves him as well (and his cute puppy). His fans love his pure joy and dance challenges. It seems unbelievable that he has just joined the platform and has already become one of the most followed Latin American artists.

Shakira: 3.7 million

Shakira turns everything into gold and her TikTok account is no exception. She even does it much better than her husband, Gerard Piqué, whose account has only 40,000 followers. You can’t deny that although Shakira’s husband knows how to move, his hips lose in comparison with hers.

Daddy Yankee: 3.6 million

The king of reggaeton, Daddy Yankee has 3.6 million followers. If you consider that he is the one that coined the word “reggaeton” and released the famous hit “Gasolina”, his popularity on a platform that praises creativity and entertainment, shouldn’t surprise you.

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