Mistakes to avoid when designing your website

Mistakes to avoid when designing your website

July 4, 2022

Don’t do that! Try to avoid these common mistakes in order to make your website a total success.

In the past we have talked about the importance of having a business website. We even gave you a list with 10 reasons why you should have one.

But having any old website is not enough, you need to have a good website.

If you’re in the process of designing your website (or if you already have one), we have a list of mistakes you must avoid in order to create a great website.

Let’s take a look!

1. Not telling people what your business does

Remember that a website is the best showcase for your products or services.

Let people know immediately what your business is all about and why they should choose you. Make sure to include pictures, videos and testimonials.

Be clear and concise and just sell it!

2. Having a website that is NOT mobile friendly

How many times a day do you look up something on your phone? Probably a lot.

Since an ever growing number of people are using their smartphones to surf the net, it is a MUST that your website is mobile friendly.

Otherwise, you will be losing a lot of business.

3. Having a slow website

People want things fast, and if your website is taking too long to load (more than 3 seconds is already too long) people are not going to wait around.

They will just move on to the next website.

4. Hiding the contact information

If people like what they see, they will want to get in touch with you.

How can they do that if your contact information is nowhere to be found? So make sure all your contact information – phone number, email, contact form, etc. – is very visible.

5. Using an illegible font

Choosing the right font for your website is very important. We recommend you stick to a clean and neat Sans Serif font family and make sure the size is at least 14 px.

Otherwise people just won’t be able to read a thing!

6. Forgetting the “Calls-to-Action”

When people visit your website you definitely want them to take certain actions.

So why not tell them? Make sure to use plenty of words such as: Buy, Register, Download, etc.

And make sure those “calls-to-action” are visible.

7. Having no negative space

Finally, it is important to not over-saturate your website with images and text.

Having too many elements will make your website look messy and it will also confuse your visitors.

Remember that sometimes less is more.

Do you know any other web design mistakes that we should avoid? Please let us know!