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Latino entrepreneurs that took the US by storm

October 7, 2022

The ‘American Dream’ is all about being a successful businessman in the land of opportunities. These Latino entrepreneurs have had huge success in the United States.

Many Latino entrepreneurs are often mentioned among the richest men in the world and many seek success in one of the biggest markets in the world: the US. We have compiled for you a list with the most spectacular Latino names and companies in the US:

Alberto “Beto” Pérez (Colombia, Zumba Fitness)

Passing next to a park early in the evening, you will probably see a group of housewives literally sweating buckets while dancing Zumba. An aerobics instructor Beto Pérez from Colombia knew that women love to dance and women want to be fit, and he mixed it into a pretty successful business operating in the US and around 200 other countries. Genius!

Sofia Vergara (Colombia, Entertainment)

Sofia Vergara turns gold anything she touches and it’s difficult to limit her to one category. She is a model, an actress and a very successful entrepreneur. You might know her from Modern Family but she earns even more money from the Latino World Entertainment agency she owns. Women want to wear Vergara jeans, smell with Vergara fragrance, and fill their houses with Vergara furniture from “Rooms to Go.”

Rea Ann Silva (Mexico, Beautyblender)

It looks like women’s products can make you rich, at least this is true in the case of Rea Ann Silva. This beautiful woman of Mexican roots is a makeup artist, and inventor of the Beautyblender. Most YouTube makeup tutorials are made with her iconic pink egg-shaped sponge and just in 2019 her company sold over $215 million in retail sales.

Jordi Muñoz (Mexico, 3D Robotics)

Jordi Muñoz grew up in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, and at the age of 15 he started repairing all kinds of electronics for his family and friends. In 2007 he moved to California and built his first drone with a Wii remote. Long story short, in 2009 he co-founded 3D Robotics with Chris Anderson who left Wired magazine to embark on this new journey.

Jorge Pérez (Argentina, The Related Group)

Who is “the condo king of South Florida”? An Argentinian born to Cuban parents of Spanish origin who moved to the US soon after graduating from high school in Buenos Aires. Jorge started his real estate business empire with low-income multifamily apartments in Miami and in a short time, became one of the most successful high-rise condo builders.

Marcelo Claure (Bolivia, Sprint, BrightStar and SoftBank)

Marcelo Claure left his home country at the age of 19 to seek luck in the US. He is the Chief Executive of Sprint, a telecommunication company, the CEO of Brightstar and COO of SoftBank. He also invests heavily in the Major Soccer League and we will definitely hear more from him.

Carlos Castro (Todos Supermarkets)

All immigrants crave their home food and Salvadorian Carlos Castro knew how to turn their longings into a successful business. The Todos Supermarket chain opened in 1990 aimed at Latin customers. It’s hard to imagine that this business niche had not been discovered even earlier.

What makes Latino entrepreneurs so successful? We have our guesses but we want to hear from you! Join us on Twitter with your comments and opinions.