Sherly Tavarez

Latin Entrepreneurs: Sherly Tavarez, founder of Hause of Curls

July 4, 2022

Meet the young entrepreneur Sherly Tavarez and her Hause of Curls, the brand that created a whole movement from a message on a T-shirt.

It is very interesting how Sherly has taken her Latino heritage and natural physical attributes as central to her latest endeavor Hause of Curls. Her own personal experience of her curly hair acceptance journey led her to create a culture that transforms the mistaken perception of having “bad hair” into something adorable.

Definitely, Sherly Tavarez has known how to inspire others through what she does. Let’s see how her great idea came to life and everything that has been generated around it.

Who is Sherly Tavarez?

Sherly is a Dominican-American, she defines herself as a bilingual Latin girl in New York. She grew up in Orlando Florida, where she studied Marketing at the International Academy of Design and Technology, between 2007 and 2011.

Her first work experience was as a Marketing Coordinator at a travel-oriented company called Century 22 Marketing, in Orlando. After 3 years doing that job, in 2013, she decided to turn her career around by moving to the Big Apple.

It was then that she became a fashion intern for talented designer and television personality Eric Daman, recognized for designing costumes for the CWTV series Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries, prequel to Sex and the City. This time, Sherly’s duties included blogging and social media posts, as well as assisting in the search for television segments.

Tavarez was also a fashion stylist at Rent the Runway, an online service company that offers designer clothing and accessory rentals.

While all this was going on, Sherly already felt the need to inspire others in some way. She had launched her fashion and lifestyle blog “Sherly in the City”, where she showed the experiences of her transition to New York. She was successful in gaining followers and dreamers who shared the belief that anything is possible.

How was Hause of Curls born?

Like many Latinos, Sherly has an Afro heritage that is expressed in her hair. Throughout her life she heard phrases that indicated that she should change it. Applying chemicals, combing it or straightening it in some way, were constant recommendations around her.

In fact, she herself thought she had “bad hair.” Although in Latin America it is common for this expression to be used to identify Afro hair, it is true that it literally means “bad hair”. Which Sherly understood to be a false belief and realized that loving her curls and being proud of them is part of accepting herself and showing off her natural beauty.

But feeling good about herself wasn’t enough. She wanted to express her Afro-Latino pride with a phrase on a T-shirt. The best way she found to do this was to create a play on words in English and Spanish that demonstrated her empowerment: “pelo malo, where?”

At first, Sherly thought she could start a business selling about 20 t-shirts, however, she was surprised to have an order of almost 200 in a single day. It was not just the beginning of a venture but a whole movement, Hause of Curls was born.

The “Hause of Curls”

Hause of Curls’ mission is to instill in younger audiences the message that they are beautiful just the way they are. The idea is that the little ones grow up recognizing that their hair is a symbol of beauty, as well as a representation of their roots.

Hause of Curls set out to prevent others from setting standards of beauty and that has allowed many people from different parts of the world to feel identified.

Her line of t-shirts has grown, incorporating other irreverent messages that seek to transform the misperception of “bad hair” and the expression of Afro-Latin beauty. Even today, Hause of Curls sells other types of items such as swimsuits and other pieces of clothing. In addition, it offers various accessories to treat curly hair properly and also to decorate it.

In short, Sherly Tavarez is an entrepreneur with a social objective. The contribution that this Dominican gives to the Latino community is truly fabulous.

Here we leave you their Instagram and Facebook accounts. And don’t miss her YouTube video where she explains how she started her first retail ecommerce store with $300.

Ultimately, Shirley’s curls gave her a brand, a business, a voice, and a community – amazing! We say goodbye with one of her favorite phrases: “A woman must be two things, who and what she wants to be.”

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