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Latin Entrepreneurs: Rea Ann Silva, creator of Beauty Blender

October 7, 2022

Rea Ann Silva’s story as an entrepreneur is totally interesting and inspiring. Find out how this Latina marked a before and after in the world of makeup.

Rea Ann Silva became a makeup artist, inventor of a flagship product, founder and CEO of a famous brand, surprisingly without even trying. How did it come to this? Read on and you will discover that when passion, creativity and opportunity come together, the result can be a true wonder.

This is how it all started

Coming from a Mexican family and raised in Los Angeles, Rea Ann began studies at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in that city. Back then, becoming a single mother prompted her to work at a makeup counter for a living.

Progressively, she began working as a makeup artist on music video sets and later for film and television. But it was during her job as Head of Department on the tv show Girlfriends that she would be forced to find a solution to a makeup problem.

The show featured four main actresses and was filmed in high definition format (something new for that time). Under these conditions, Rea Ann could not remove the actresses from the set or take her airbrush in to touch up their makeup. She had to find a way to do her job on site and achieve the best possible finish in front of the cameras, which now managed to capture every detail of the cosmetics on the skin.

Faced with this situation, the audacious makeup artist made use of her special effects knowledge. She knew very well what technique she needed to apply, but she lacked the “how”.

Rea Ann kept in mind that when she needed her characterization work to look like skin, she would give continuous bouncing strokes with a sponge. She also knew that to set makeup and achieve a natural, luminous appearance, the secret was to add a little water.

That was clear, but she still had to figure out how to eliminate the demarcation lines that would obviously be noticeable on camera. The key piece would be a tool that allows you to blend makeup perfectly on the skin.

That’s how she came up with the brilliant idea of ​​cutting square sponges and shaping them into tears. Before using them, she wet them and that became her infallible weapon on set.

The invention that revolutionized the makeup world

The tool along with the technique were the perfect combination to present an impeccable makeup before the high definition cameras. Rea adapted to the new demands of the film and television industry with an egg-shaped sponge.

Curiously, the sponges that she cut disappeared from her work kit. It was then that she realized that her colleagues had adopted the use of her newfound tool, so she considered improving the design and producing them for commercialization.

After several tests, a manufacturer presented her with a prototype of the famous elliptical foam in a hot pink color. Although it was only a sample, Rea felt love at first sight and without hesitation decided that this would be the final image of her flagship product.

Finally, in 2003 Beauty Blender was born. Originally designed for makeup professionals, this sponge has become an essential tool in any cosmetic case today.

What’s so special about Beauty Blender?

It is the ideal makeup applicator to replace brushes and other sponges. Foundations, concealers, powders, blushes, shadows, creams and sunscreens can be applied with this wonderful tool. A fun fact is that this magic sponge has won the Allure Best of Beauty Award 11 times!

Its versatile egg shape allows it to be used on every part of the face, even the most difficult to reach, such as the contour of the eyes, nose and mouth. Its greatest benefits are that using it saves time and makeup, in addition to giving complete coverage to the skin and creating a natural effect. Anyone who uses this little sponge achieves a professional finish.

The Beauty Blender makeup sponge lasts approximately 4 months and it is recommended to wash it frequently. This can be done with a very mild soap, even better if it is done with the brand’s complementary products, either liquid or solid soap made especially for this purpose.

Today, Rea Ann Silva has accumulated 25 years of experience as a celebrity makeup artist and continues to lead Beauty Blender. Its line of beauty products ranges from makeup, sponges and cleansers to accessories such as anti-COVID-19 masks, among others.

This Latina entrepreneur continues to drive the evolution of her Beauty Blender brand with simple and useful products that offer the best results. Did you know about her? Tell us your impressions of this story on our social networks.