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Latin Entrepreneurs: Máximo Cavazzani, founder of Etermax

August 18, 2022

Etermax is a company that develops online social games, and it also offers advertising services and Artificial Intelligence solutions. Find out how Máximo Cavazzani created this successful company when he was only 22 years old.

The story of the Latin entrepreneur Máximo Cavazzani is very interesting. Although this computer engineer once swore that he would never develop games, fate would prove otherwise.

In fact, his technology company Etermax was born within the gaming industry. He has even set new horizons to go far beyond the terrain conquered by his famous creations “apalabrados” and “preguntados”, two of the most downloaded applications worldwide.

Meet Máximo Cavazzani

Born in 1985, in Argentina, Máximo Cavazzani was an amateur programmer since his teens. He studied at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) and was inspired by his father’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Although he was your typical vulnerable-looking nerd in high school, he managed to earn the respect of his peers. Practicing taekwondo while continuing to participate in the Mathematics Olympics allowed him to maintain his popularity. By then, he already felt the need to transform his environment.

Coming from a middle-class family, Máximo knew that the only opportunity he had to make a positive impact on the world was to train in a challenging profession. This is how he focused on software development to achieve what he had set out to do.

In 2009, while he was still studying at the university, his room was the workshop where he programmed the application that would make him a millionaire. It was iStockManager, the first free app dedicated to buying and selling shares on the investment stock market. Its success was so impressive that that same year the American brokerage agency TD Ameritrade made the purchase of this digital product.

Despite having won a significant sum of money, Cavazzani did not stop there, on the contrary, that was just the beginning that led him to start Etermax. Having closely followed the successes and difficulties on the path of his father’s entrepreneurship, the Argentine programmer knew very well that it would not be easy but it would be well worth the effort.

Etermax: leader in social video games in Latin America

At the very beginning, the Etermax offices were located in the textile workshop owned by Cavazzani’s father. Currently, this company has a presence in Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil and Germany. It is made up of a team of 400 people and has 3 divisions:

  • Gaming: Games that entertain and connect people.
  • In-Game Advertising: Effective and fun advertisements for mobile games.
  • AI Labs: Artificial Intelligence that generates value.

The game that launched Etermax to fame in 2011 was “Apalabrados” or Word Crack. Inspired by the classic Scrabble, this application was immediately successful in Spain and Latin America. It has a free version and a Premium version without advertisements; it’s available for iOS and Android and it’s also integrated into Facebook.

“Apalabrados” won the position of Game of the Year 2012 in the App Store and is still popular. A little later and with the same style of board games, Etermax also launched “Trivia Crack” and “Mixed Up”, which together exceed 700 million downloads.

With different related products and its own animated series, “Trivia Crack” has grown into a multiplatform entertainment franchise. Today it is available in 180 countries, in 34 languages.

Etermax is currently the leading social video game company in Latin America and one of the most prominent developers in the world.

Etermax’s philosophy

The members of Etermax define themselves as Game Changers who transform ideas into realities, through technology and creativity. With a disruptive mindset, they are open to trying new things, making mistakes, and learning to experience challenges and finding the best solutions.

The purpose of Etermax is to create games to inspire the exploration of new worlds and connect users. As well as building bridges between brands and gaming through specialized advertising. On the other hand, they aim to transform relationships between companies and people by unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

One of its mottos is “although every beginning is unknown, we clear it up with analysis and challenge it with data.” Definitely, experimentation is an essential part of all their projects.

In short, the entrepreneur Máximo Cavazzani seems to have reached the peak of success several times, yet he still has a long way to go. Between Artificial Intelligence services, advertising and video games, the horizon line is blurred to offer the possibility of going a little further.

At the end of the day, this is how Etermax’s mission expresses it: the idea is to reach unimagined places.

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