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Latin Entrepreneurs: Kara Pérez, founder of Bravely Go

October 7, 2022

Discover how Kara Pérez became a financial feminist to help marginalized minorities better manage their money.

It is surprising how Latin entrepreneurs can be found in areas as diverse as they are necessary. This time we bring you the story of Kara Pérez, a personal finance writer who founded Bravely Go in 2017.

Learn about her interesting experience and get inspired by this promoter of women’s empowerment.

Who is Kara Pérez?

Kara Pérez is a 32-year-old woman, the daughter of Latino immigrants. She currently resides in Austin, Texas and is a very particular financial advisor. Regarding her academic preparation, she has a Bachelor of Arts, graduated from Wesleyan University. Actually, until now she has not practiced this profession, although the consequences of pursuing those studies were what prompted her to be who she is now.

Unable to find formal employment in her professional area and with roughly $25,000 in student loan debt on her heels, Kara lived her first few years after graduation with anguish and uncertainty. She covered her expenses by working temp jobs and offering services as a freelancer. From social media management to catering, Pérez lived from day to day, but realized that she was not building a stable stage for her adult life.

At that time when the quarter-life crisis beset her, Kara began to understand that her lack of financial education was playing tricks on her. She decided that the only way out of that pothole was to aggressively pay off her debts. She needed to close that cycle to save and invest in her future.

Looking around, she got the perception that only wealthy white couples were giving financial advice that didn’t fit her situation at all. Instead, a Google search would open the door to a whole new world: “how to pay off student loans faster.” Almost immediately, she was immersed in a network of personal finance bloggers where she felt identified.

With the help of the information she found and focused on her goal, Kara managed to pay off the remaining $18,000 of her loans in 10 months. A combination of 5 different part-time jobs plus a minimalist life and the emotional support of her friends was the formula that worked for her. Saving on Christmas gifts, outings and even eating leftovers from their catering service were decisive actions at this stage.

A new chapter in her life

Now debt free, Kara launched a blog where she wrote about her experience and posted money management articles. Attending conferences related to the subject also gave her additional knowledge. In this way she became a finance writer.

In telling other people what she did, she found that most did not know anything about money and wanted to hear what she had to say. Women especially showed interest in engaging with her to learn.

That motivated her to create spaces where she could talk and share practical advice to mitigate debts and make investments. The time had come for her great endeavor, Bravely Go.

Bravely Go: Feminist Economics

Kara Pérez helps connect women and money through Bravely Go, a community that offers online content, networking events, courses, and financial education tools.

Bravely Go approaches the subject of money from a different perspective. Some points it considers are systemic aspects such as racism, gender and wealth inequality, and their impact on personal finances. In addition to getting the big picture clear, it focuses on budgeting and investing, as well as paying off debt.

The Bravely community is constantly growing. Its goal is to give women the tools they need to have control over their money.

If you want to enjoy their advice, tips and recommendations, you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

A glimpse into the day to day of Kara Pérez

Kara is not your typical entrepreneur who gets up very early in the morning. However, she maintains certain habits that allow her to organize her day and maintain the rhythm of work necessary to fulfill her commitments from week to week. Around 8:30 a.m. she gets out of bed, has coffee, and does a little exercise, just enough to get her heart rate up.

After having coffee, with her mind fresh and full of energy, she takes advantage of the first hours of the morning to do the work that requires greater concentration and creativity. She spends 2-3 hours writing articles for clients or to publish on her site. Likewise, she dedicates the first part of the day to giving coaching sessions.

She leaves the easiest and more entrepreneurial work for the afternoon. Therefore, checking emails, making calls, and attending meetings are some of her evening chores. Kara also has a daily schedule of activities that has been very useful to her, for example: she dedicates Mondays and Tuesdays to training and writing, and Wednesdays to design and schedule her social media posts.

Without a doubt, Kara Pérez is one of those Latina entrepreneurs who not only has a lucrative business, but also brings a lot of value to her community. Hear her on the first Monday of every month at 1A on NPR as a featured financial expert.

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