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Latin Entrepreneurs: Diego Olcese, founder of Crehana

August 18, 2022

A Latin entrepreneur who encourages others to succeed! This is Diego Olcese, who founded Crehana to promote personal and professional growth through online courses.

Diego Olcese is a successful 30-year-old Peruvian entrepreneur. At the beginning of his time as a university student, he had a penchant for music and industrial design, however, he ended up pursuing a degree in Business Engineering on the recommendation of his father.

That combination of technology and management has undoubtedly helped him get to where he is right now.

How did the idea of ​​founding Crehana come about?

In 2013, with the concern of a young recent graduate, this Latino entrepreneur visited important corporations such as the technology giant Google and the online education company Coursera in the United States.

From that trip, Diego was delighted with the way in which technology had changed the way of working. He had irretrievably fallen in love with startup culture and was convinced that small teams could generate big changes.

Likewise, Diego had been struck by the potential of digital tools and the world of the Internet to facilitate access to education. In fact, this became almost immediately an idea that he would soon implement throughout Latin America.

In this way, the concept of making available a virtual space where users could find practical content that would help them in their work began to take shape. This is how the model of creating short courses that allowed acquiring technical skills to develop particular projects emerged.

Crehana, the virtual community of online courses for entrepreneurs

Finally, in 2015 Crehana was launched. Focusing on the needs of Latinos, Diego and his work team took the creative industry as their axis, where they noticed that there was an unmet demand for continuing education programs.

This opened up a range of opportunities for people to learn new digital tools at affordable prices.

One of the purposes of Crehana is to provide training to facilitate insertion into the labor market quickly. This is very convenient in these times where professional development becomes increasingly competitive and immediacy is so essential.

That is why Diego Olcese has kept redefining education in Latin America, by incorporating teaching models tailored to the changing demands of the market.

Today Crehana has a catalog of over 500 courses distributed in 13 categories: digital marketing, business, illustration and drawing, video, design, photography, web, 3D animation, digital architecture, crafts, music, lifestyle and writing.

These versatile offers have been a lifesaver at the height of the health crisis. Crehana has become a virtual space where 3 million students have acquired skills that have allowed them to create, innovate and start a business at a time where for many it seems impossible.

This online education company has even contributed to the Latino community in these difficult times experienced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever, it is when universal access to knowledge through open resources that promote entrepreneurship and professional as well as personal development have become essential.

For this reason and by way of collaboration, Crehana has established alliances with organizations such as iNNpulsa Colombia to offer 100,000 free access temporarily.

How does Crehana work?

With its slogan “learning transforms”, Crehana bets on microlearning as an effective teaching method. In this way, it offers short video classes, which generate 22% more retention than traditional methods.

Classes are prerecorded and completely in Spanish. This allows the user to access them whenever they want, dedicate the time they want and repeat them as many times as necessary. In this way, each student can start a course and work through it at their own pace.

In addition to this, Crehana has experienced teachers in each area. Among them are leaders and experts from major companies such as TikTok, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber and Rappi, for example.

On the other hand, it is true that Crehana has a fairly extensive and very useful catalog of paid classes, but it also has a good variety of free courses available that its visitors can enjoy according to their needs.

In the end, the Latino entrepreneur Diego Olcese has managed to turn his dream into reality: create a digital community, providing opportunities for personal and professional transformation through education.

And his valuable proposal continues to evolve along with the new realities that are emerging, while helping to improve the quality of life of many people throughout Latin America.

Diego is definitely right in believing that small teams can generate big changes.