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Latin Entrepreneurs: Beto Pérez, creator of Zumba

October 7, 2022

Discover the inspiring story of Beto Pérez, creator of Zumba, and how he became a household name in the world of fitness.

It has been known for a long time that within the Latin American culture, some characteristics have always stood out, such as being a hard worker, being independent, being a dreamer and even having a rather peculiar touch of creativity.

Latinos have within themselves the rhythm that differentiates them from other nationalities, which is why we have the success of this famous entrepreneur named Beto Pérez, who was the creator and founder of the very popular exercise technique called Zumba, which combines dancing with aerobics. Learn more about this great entrepreneurship.

In 1986, this dynamic and entertaining exercise method for people of all ages was created by mistake. This does not mean that it does not require rules or studies to be taught in an adequate way, since each person who teaches Zumba needs continuous certification and training, but how could it have been created by mistake?

Its creator, Beto Pérez, at the age of 16 was more than a fan of dancing and exercising, he had worked in different jobs, but he had always been passionate about dance, at that time he was teaching aerobic gymnastics in a gym in his hometown, Cali in Colombia.

One day he forgot his cassette with the routine songs for the class, so since he was already there, he decided to teach “a special class” to get out of the routine and from there, it was born, what he originally called “Rumba” which after many years and teachings was renamed “Zumba”.

The name “Rumba” is Colombian slang for a party or a rather fun gathering with dances and songs.

After that many people liked the class, he decided to continue using this technique, which was very popular in Colombia, so he decided to move to Bogotá to continue working on it, and he also collaborated with celebrities such as Shakira.

When he finished evaluating different possibilities in his home country, he wanted to go further, so he decided to move to Miami in 1999 where he met Alberto Perlman, who helped him move forward with his small entrepreneurship, since he did not speak English and in addition to it, did not know how to start, therefore, when they teamed up, the business began to grow exponentially.

Zumba was created in 2001 as a brand, from there, many individuals interested in imparting its knowledge and clearly practicing exercises suitable for anyone, were collected, so, 19 years later, we have this great exercise method that we can comfortably practice from our homes, watching the videos of the trained Zumba staff on different platforms and social networks, such as YouTube, Instagram, Blogs, Facebook, among others.

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Why is Zumba good?

This training, in addition to helping you lose weight, helps you feel better and have a stable state of mind, as it works as a relaxing activity for many people, helping to reduce stress levels, and having more success in its compliance than a common workout, this may be because it is not seen as a tedious workout but rather as a dynamic and fun activity.

The main difference between regular dance and Zumba, is that with the latter you will be training different parts of the body with specific movements to strengthen a specific area, and, depending on the level of the person, you can use different types of intensity.

If you want to receive or teach Zumba classes, you can get a certification on this page; here you will find different instructors who will help you to know the entire procedure to follow in order to do it effectively.

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