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Latin Entrepreneurs: Andrés Moreno, founder of Open English

August 18, 2022

Join us to learn a little more about Open English and its founder Andrés Moreno.

The ability to speak English is currently quite necessary for any business that we are going to start, since this will help us to have a global reach, and people can get to know us in different locations, but in addition to grammar, have you thought about improving your fluency in this language? Do you think you can have a good conversation in English?

This was the basis of Andrés Moreno when he decided to start his project; join us to learn a little more about Open English, the most famous project of this entrepreneur.

In Latin America, many people who teach English courses focus mostly on grammar and verb conjugation, which is not bad, since this will form the basis of our learning, but the correct thing would also be to focus on the phonetics and phonology of this language, considering the fluency, the oratory and the conviction that a person has when speaking another language that is not their mother tongue.

It is essential that we make ourselves understood and that we understand everything that they are saying to us, since we could easily misunderstand an important point in a conversation, which is why Andrés Moreno decided to open a face-to-face course called Optimal where people would have educational advice with native teachers.

This method was a bit cumbersome, since it was a little difficult to bring teachers from different parts of the world to Latin America. It was at this moment that the project that we would later know as “Open English” began to form.

He started with less than a thousand dollars in his pocket, coming from Venezuela, he went to the United States looking for investors in Silicon Valley, sleeping daily on a sofa hoping that some of the investors could see the potential of his work, until he succeeded and he was able to put together the most suitable website in order to impart his knowledge.

This is how Open English was born, a platform that works in different locations around the world where you can find different native English speakers who teach you the correct pronunciation and to be fluent while speaking a second language.

Accompanied by one of his best friends from university, Wilmer Sarmiento, who was a programmer, they began to carry out advertising campaigns throughout Latin America, distinguishable by their youthful and comedic tone. Through these funny ads, they caught the public’s attention and gained their trust.

Since 2007 this company is active and growing, and they have innovated the way of learning English, making this method feasible with affordable prices and, additionally, the ability to put together your own schedule, as they teach classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is ideal for people who are busy at work but want to spend a little time studying.

They even have English courses for children, ensuring the quality of their services for the little ones, using the best techniques for their education. These classes may be monitored by parents in order to have greater confidence within class hours with their teachers, in addition, they also have flexible schedules 24 hours a day so as not to hinder other activities of children.

To join as a student in Open English you only have to enter their website and register as a user, follow the steps that the page indicates, get your headphones and make sure you have a stable internet connection; you will not need to use a webcam unless you want to, as this is completely optional.

And you, would you like to learn a new language? Have you heard any comments about this platform? Let us know in our social media.