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Ideas to start an Internet business in 2021

July 4, 2022

Entrepreneurship in 2021 is synonymous with Internet-based business development. Discover these ideas that will undoubtedly help you determine what your next project will be.

It is clear that the Internet has stopped being a parallel world to become an extension of our day to day. The digital age is an imminent reality that is present in all areas of personal life, as well as in the business landscape.

That is why now more than ever, any enterprise must have the network of networks as an essential part of its implementation and growth.

Previously, the use of the Internet was an alternative for some to do their activities virtually. However, this became almost an obligation during the global health crisis caused by Covid-19, where commercial establishments and institutions had to close their doors for long periods of time.

The extensive confinement brought as a consequence the evolution of people in terms of the use of digital technologies to carry out their routine tasks: from shopping, learning and entertaining, to carrying out banking procedures, payments for public and private services, communicating with family and friends, among many others. The world seemed like it had stopped, but it was only changing.

What to expect for 2021?

2021 could be seen as a year of rebirth to take firm steps after being strengthened in the face of adversity. The great learning that 2020 leaves definitely ends up establishing the consolidation of the Internet as an essential means for the development of society, including business.

Similarly, entrepreneurship continues to grow as an excellent option to get ahead in the face of crises. Marketing of products and services is now possible without the need to make large investments in physical infrastructure or have huge inventories.

Talent, creativity and new ways of doing business supported by technological tools constitute the present and the future.

Profitable online business models for 2021

1. Online store

Marketing your own products via the Internet has become a way of expanding the reach of traditional businesses. Likewise, some use it as the only way to sell their products without even having a physical store.

Even having an online store that is in charge of selling other people’s products is also possible by putting dropshipping into practice. In this way all the logistical aspects, such as purchasing, warehousing, inventory management and the shipping, are avoided.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Monetizing websites through the promotion of third-party products in exchange for sales commissions is another good idea to consider.

Affiliate marketing basically establishes a mutually beneficial relationship between associates (affiliates) and those who want their products to be advertised on external pages through popups or banners.

This business model requires a significant investment of time, especially in the beginning. However, in the long term it becomes an excellent source of recurring passive income that requires only a few hours of dedication per month. In this sense, Amazon and AliExpress are two giants that offer marketing programs of effective affiliates.

3. Online franchises

Taking advantage of the name and authority of a brand already established on the Internet is very convenient. This allows you to get customers and generate income faster than other businesses.

The virtual version of traditional franchises involves an initial investment and the payment of a percentage of the turnover. Real estate, web development, consulting and online stores in general are some areas that use this business model.

4. Offer services

Selling talents, skills, trades and knowledge online is possible even without having a website. There are freelance work platforms that connect clients with service providers in exchange for a commission.

Freelancer, Fiverr, and Workana are just a few of the many sites where you can get projects related to content writing, graphic design, programming, and other types of virtual assistance.

Likewise, there are other platforms specialized in marketing courses and other digital products such as Udemy and Hotmart.

Business areas to explore in 2021

2021 is the year to take advantage of those sectors that are gaining momentum and promise to continue demanding attention. Among them are:

  • Beauty and personal care
  • Fitness culture and healthy life
  • Ecological products
  • Product customization
  • Services for the elderly
  • Shipping or delivery
  • Technological products or gadgets
  • Web design and development
  • Digital marketing

In short, 2021 is full of opportunities to launch a business on the Internet. If you are one of the people who wants to start an online business, but you are still not sure about the business model or ideal market niche for you, perhaps you can be inspired by the interesting and moving stories of Latino entrepreneurs that you can find on our blog.