How to make your website load faster

August 18, 2022

Slow website? Get it moving with these simple and effective tips.

Did you know that a slow website can actually make your business lose money? Well just think about it for a second: If someone wants to get more information on your products or services but your website just won’t load, they will most likely leave your site and move on to the next business.

A website should load in no more than 2 seconds, otherwise people will just get impatient and leave.

On this chart you can see how the bounce probability increases every second your website takes to load.

Bounce Probability

If your website does not currently meet the “2 second” rule, you should really consider making some changes. Below we give you a few tips you can use to make your website faster:

1. Optimize your images

Image files can get very heavy and this, in turn, will slow down your site. How can you fix this?

You must reduce image sizes using either GIF, PNG-8 or JPEG as the file formats. Make sure the size matches your usage and set the size for each page with the height and width. You can also experiment with compression tools to further decrease a file’s size.

2. Get rid of unnecessary plugins

This is a very simple tip that can give you great results – what you should do is review all the plugins that you have installed in the past and eliminate all the ones that you’re not really using.

Over time it is very common to accumulate useless plugins and these can definitely slow down your website.

3. Use a “cache” plugin

Another tool that can be very effective in improving your website’s speed and performance is a cache plugin, such as W3 Total Cache.

Page caching is when web pages store static files, which allow visitors to access that page more quickly, since the database does not have to retrieve each file every time there is a request.

4. Make sure you have a good hosting service

Finally, one of the simplest ways to speed up your site is to evaluate the quality of your server.

It is very common that when you first create your website you sign up for a shared hosting service. But it is important to remember that as sites grow in usage and content, they get slower.

You can fix this problem by upgrading your hosting plan. To learn more about hosting services you can read our previous post.

We hope these tips will help you speed up your website!