Gina Rodríguez: Latino Pride in Hollywood

October 7, 2022

Learn about interesting details from the life of Gina Rodríguez, an actress known for her fabulous starring role in Jane the Virgin.

Increasingly, Latin talent is being noticed in different corners of the globe and in different sectors. The United States does not escape this phenomenon and Hollywood is a great example of that. Actresses like Gina Rodríguez have come like a storm to make themselves felt and show that Latinos are great.

With her history and her professional career, she has created an impact that goes beyond show business, becoming an important voice for the Latino community and even for other ethnic minorities in the United States. We invite you to learn a little more about the interesting life of Gina Rodríguez, who is a Latino pride.

Who is Gina Rodríguez?

Gina Alexis Rodríguez LoCicero is an American actress with Latin blood running through her veins. She was born in Chicago, but her parents are from Puerto Rico. She is the youngest of 3 sisters and from a very young age she had the support of her family in her journey through the path of the performing arts.

At the young age of 7, Gina was already dancing salsa on stage with the company “Fantasía Juvenil”. At 16 she was convinced that her vocation was dancing and acting. Since then, she has focused on her professional preparation in the area, studying at the Columbia University in New York, as well as at the prestigious Tisch School of Arts and at the Atlantic Theater experimental theater company.

Gina’s father, Genaro Rodríguez, instilled in her daughter some of his own philosophies drawn from her experience in the sports world, related to boxing. That’s why working hard, fighting, being honest, being focused and fighting to win fairly were values ​​that Gina had in mind from the beginning of her career.

Gina’s beginnings in the acting world

Her first television appearances were on Law & Order, Eleventh Hour, 10 Things I Hate About You, Army Wives, Happy Endings, and The Mentalist. However, her first recurring character was Beverly in The Bold and the Beautiful, a thriller and romance soap opera also known as Belleza y Poder or B & B, where she participated for 15 episodes.

On the big screen, Gina’s first notable performances were in the movies Go for it, and Filly Brown. These earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress and a Best Actress award from “Fundación Imagen”. She also received an award from the Alma Awards as a Special Achievement.

By then Gina Rodríguez had shown what she was made of, although she was going for much more. Her goal was to play characters that represented the type of woman she grew up with: educated, independent, and strong. She wanted to act outside of stereotypes related to her skin color or her ethnicity.

The role that marked a before and after

In 2014 Gina Rodríguez was selected to play the role of Jane Villanueva, protagonist of the series Jane The Virgin. This production was broadcasted by The CW Television Network over 5 seasons adding a total of 100 episodes. From its premiere until 2019, Gina won over the critics, as well as the hearts of the viewers and the admiration of the artistic medium.

Precisely, the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy was won by Gina Rodríguez in 2015 for her masterful performance in Jane the Virgin. In addition to this valuable recognition of hers, this role gave her the visibility he needed to fuel her unstoppable career on the rise.

From then on, Gina has managed to play the type of characters that she wanted from the beginning, both in large film productions as well as in the most important streaming platforms. Deep Horizon, Annihilation, Miss Bala and Kajillonaire are some of the films in which she has shone. She has also lent her voice to unmatched animation characters and has served as a director on Jane The Virgin, Charmed, and Diary of a Future President.

Gina Rodríguez and her support for the Latino community

Even though Gina was born in the United States, she grew up with the Puerto Rican customs typical of her home. She felt that she had a dual identity and that her Latin roots were not adequately represented in the country where she was born.

For this reason, Gina has taken advantage of her presence in the media to promote the positive aspects of Latino culture and favor spaces for development. This is how she has become a contributor to institutions such as the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts dedicated to increasing the participation of Hispanic talent in the entertainment industry in the United States.

Additionally, Gina Rodríguez is a member of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF). The objective of this organization is to provide support to Latino students to successfully complete their higher education.

And when it comes to Latino entrepreneurs, Gina is the co-founder of Naja, an underwear brand with a social purpse. This business model favors single mothers and Latina heads of household. In addition to contributing lunches, uniforms, and school supplies for their children from donations extracted from a percentage of sales, the company offers flexible work schedules for these workers to have the time necessary to take care of their families.

Basically, with Rita Moreno and Celia Cruz as inspiration, Gina Rodríguez has become a worthy representative of Latinos with her example and her actions. We will surely continue to watch her grow up in Hollywood and take every opportunity to expose her Latino pride.

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