Starting this November 12th, the .LAT Blog goes online. The .LAT Blog is an online space for Latinos from Latinos.

The site will allow informing Latinos and those with interest in this culture of the latest trends and issues related to this market.

This space will present on a regular basis, a series of informative pieces of interest and utility for both people and Latino organizations. Experts from different areas will share articles, success stories, studies, news, statistics and events. It will attempt to be a meeting point for Latinos and all those seeking to connect with this community.

One of the main strengths of the blog is that it has the ability to ease communication between people, organizations and companies communications to the Latino community in Spanish language, and promote the pride in being Latino through interaction with valuable content.

This blog is part of the initiatives of the .LAT new top level domain that will identify Latinos online. Domain name registration for .LAT will be available at the beginning of the 2015 giving priority to brands in the first phase and general public in later phases.

To meet the blog and find more information about the .LAT please visithttp://blog.nic.lat.