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Discover the differences between .com and .lat domains

July 4, 2022

It is true that the .com domain extension is the best known in the Internet. But did you know that using .lat can be more convenient in some cases?

Since the early days of the World Wide Web, the .com domain extension has been used to name websites. It was created in 1985 and it is now an Internet icon.

Most affirm that it corresponds to the word “commercial”, however, if we look further back in history we find that it has to do with “company”.

Three decades have passed, the use of the Internet has become massive and today there are around 150 billion pages that use .com, according to data from VeriSign for March 2020.

In any case, it is very common for anyone thinking of a website to associate this domain extension with it almost automatically.

.com belongs to the group of Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD), along with .net, .org, .edu and .gob, among many others. And, considering that this extension is part of the name of companies, institutions, projects or ideas published on the Internet, it is logical to think that it is related to the type of activity they encompass.

Today, domains have evolved with the growth of the Internet, as well as the new needs of users and businesses.

That is why interesting alternatives such as .lat have been born to give representation to an important community – the Latinos.

Geographic or territorial domains

In addition to generic extensions such as .com, you can also have a classification of domains by country in order to provide geolocation to websites. Made up of two representative characters, the Country Code (ccTLD) is used to highlight the origin of the site or its radius of action.

In Latin America the most popular domains of this category are:

  1. .ar – Argentina
  2. .br – Brazil
  3. .co – Colombia
  4. .cl – Chile
  5. .mx – Mexico
  6. .pe – Peru

New domain types

As a result of the exponential growth in the number of websites and the need to create more specific identifiers according to each of them, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launched more than 1,000 new domains in 2013.

One of the purposes of this is for emerging businesses to have the ability to be visible in the vast ocean of the web. In addition to offering the opportunity for them to personalize their value proposition directly on their domain.

This is how the new domain groups are divided:

  • On topics or sectors: Used to determine the branch in which the website is developed, such as industry, sports or professional activity. Some of them are: .travel, .news, .futbol or .photograpy.
  • Closed or branded: This type of domain allows businesses to identify their pages with their own name in the extension such as: .amazon, .mcdonalds and .ford.
  • Global or city: Refers to specific places or regions such as: .paris, .london, .africa, .world or .international.

.LAT: the domain that represents Latinos

As a proposal of the Latin American and Caribbean Federation for Internet and Electronic Commerce (eCOM-LAC), the .lat domain is one of those new domains that NIC México has the privilege of managing. As of 2015, Latinos have the opportunity to have their own extension that identifies them.

The .lat domain constitutes a differentiating element that highlights the cultural, social and business expressions of the Latino community. It is a way of connecting with the Latin American world from the very name of the website.

Using a .lat domain means opening the doors not only of a geographical region but also of an idiosyncrasy present in all corners of the planet.

Without a doubt, the Latino culture has a global impact through its descendants. Even people of other nationalities feel identified or simply enjoy Latino manifestations in its different types.

Therefore, .lat is the ideal domain for websites originating from a Latin American country. In the same way as for those who are in other latitudes, but have a Latin spirit.

Advantages of choosing a .lat extension over a .com

Faced with an imminent saturation of the .com domain, .lat offers some advantages that must be considered. Among them are:

  • Greater availability of names
  • Less competition
  • Increase the presence of the brand in the region
  • Makes it easier for users to find the website
  • It favors the positioning of the pages in the area
  • Grants Latino identity

If you want to know a little more about the powerful .lat domain, check out these details that you surely don’t want to miss.

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