Digital marketing concepts that every entrepreneur should know

October 7, 2022

Digital marketing is an essential part of any venture, in this article, you’ll learn some terms that will help you familiarize yourself with the basis of the strategies that will boost your business.

In recent times, digital marketing has become a fundamental axis for the successful marketing of products and services. Although there are professionals prepared to create and implement these strategies, it is very convenient for every entrepreneur to know some basic terms that will surely be part of their daily basis from the moment they are shaping their project or idea.

What is digital marketing?

With the increasing use of the Internet and virtual environments, marketing strategies have moved to the online world, bringing digital marketing to life. Beyond selling products or services, the idea now is to sell emotions and experiences, generate needs and create links with the brand.

To achieve this, strategies are developed using websites, emails, and social media. Basically, the intention is to attract the target audience and apply methodologies to turn them into customers.

For entrepreneurs it is necessary to handle the basic concepts related to digital marketing, even if they hire a professional to take care of that area. Being up to date with these terms will allow you to monitor and make the necessary adjustments in those actions that are essential in your business operation.

  1. Benchmark

It consists of conducting an analysis of companies that are in the same market niche as yours. Studying the competition in terms of the products or services they offer, communication channels and strategies they use and even detecting needs that they do not cover, is totally convenient to extract ideas and find opportunities for improvement.

  1. Buyer person

It refers to the ideal client for your commercial proposal. It is built by defining a series of attributes, needs, and tastes that result in the definition a profile of real consumers whom you must direct your marketing strategies.

  1. Conversion

It is about the status change of a user who is in search of something and becomes a follower, subscriber, lead, or customer, depending on the action he executes and according to the objectives of the strategy.

  1. Engagement

This term refers to the commitment that the audience has with the brand. It has to do with the loyalty of users and customers reflected through recurring interaction and empathy with the company’s values. Engagement is the result of actions aimed at captivating, eliminating friction points, generating trust, satisfying needs, and adding value to the company’s business proposal.

  1. Email marketing

Also known as emailing, email marketing is based on the massive sending of emails. With a database of contacts corresponding to prospects and clients, it is possible to send them personalized material in order to deliver valuable content, generate conversions or build loyalty to the brand.

  1. Sales funnel

The sales funnel or conversion funnel is a tool belonging to inbound marketing that focuses on defining the steps for a user to meet a goal on a website. In general, it comprises the phases of acquisition, activation, retention, and sale and referral, which actions cover from promoting the brand to achieving recurring sales.

  1. Landing page

They are a type of web page that has been created for a specific purpose after being visited. A landing page is usually reached by a call to action (CTA) presented in an advertisement, email marketing, a newsletter, or a blog post. Your goal may be to display promotional content and induce users to sign up to a newsletter.

  1. Lead

When a user submits data to the company, that user become a lead. After a user provides his name and email, maybe even a phone number, he gives the company the ability to interact with him later. Lead generation is an aspect highly sought after by marketers, as it allows them to include leads in purchasing cycles.

  1. Content Marketing

They are techniques aimed at creating and publishing valuable content for your buyer persona. The idea is to share information of interest to your audience through different channels and using various formats such as podcasts, infographics, eBooks, blog posts, and videos, among others.

  1. SEO

It is the acronym for Searching Engine Optimization, which could be translated as Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of techniques that are applied to the content of web pages to favor its positioning in the search engine results.

Basically, these are just a few of the many digital marketing concepts that exist, however, all this information adds knowledge. We have no choice but to invite you to continue immersing yourself in the digital world that has become essential for entrepreneurs.

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