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Advantages of having your professional email with .lat

August 18, 2022

It is true that it is very common to use free email managers such as Gmail or Outlook, but that does not mean that this is the best option. If you want to stand out and take advantage of the benefits of professional email, with .lat you can make it happen.

To succeed in today’s digitized and competitive world, it is not enough to use just any technological tool available. The ideal is to get the most out of it in your favor, depending on your objectives. That is why this time we want to show you the functionalities and benefits of having a professional email with .lat as an important resource to give added value to your projects.

Email continues to be an active digital communication mechanism. Although with the technological evolution different windows have been opened to establish personal and commercial connections, emails seem to have survived and consolidated more and more.

In this regard, professional email is the appropriate means to give support to any business or project.

What is a professional email?

Let’s start with a comparative example: “” is not the same as “”, right?

In this way, professional email, also known as corporate or commercial email, allows you to incorporate the name of your business, project or brand on the right side of the address, after the @ sign. In other words, the email addresses associated with a personalized email service will carry the domain of your company.

The power of the .lat domain

And speaking of domains, did you know that .lat was created to give representation to the ideas of Latinos on the Internet?

It is well known that the Latino community is present throughout the entire planet. Likewise, it is clear that its social, cultural and commercial manifestations have a strong global influence.

On the other hand, the ingrained identity of Latinos is reflected in their digital habits. Consequently, there is an intrinsic preference for those online alternatives that project their roots.

Ultimately, the best way to highlight the websites and professional emails of Latino startups wherever they are is by using the .lat domain. There is no better way to attract and connect with members, as well as with lovers and followers of Latino culture.

But if you want to delve into the details of why choosing a .lat domain extension is totally convenient, be sure to read this post.

Benefits of a .lat professional email

In itself, the use of professional emails brings multiple advantages to any business. However, this valuable resource is highly enhanced when it is related to the .lat domain. Let’s see some details of this:

1. Project professionalism and build trust

Having a professional email address is an indicator that you are dealing with a seriously established company or an entrepreneur with specific proposals in the market. Conversely, using generic email addresses for business purposes can seem improvised, unsafe, and unprofessional.

It is usual that companies that invest in the acquisition of a domain are willing to respond for their activities with responsibility and commitment, since their reputation and prestige are at stake. And as if that were not enough, the presence of the .lat extension gives a Latin identity to your business communications with customers, suppliers and collaborators.

2. Reinforce your brand image

Using emails with your corporate name and the .lat extension works as a promotional medium for your brand. It favors the fixation of the name of your business in the minds of the clients. Likewise, it creates closeness, thus making them feel more and more familiar with your brand.

3. Allows the implementation of email marketing campaigns

The execution of email marketing strategies is a fundamental part of marketing plans. Keeping prospects and customers informed with company news, sending promotions and offers according to their preferences, as well as prizes and gifts to boost loyalty, as well as delivering valuable content, are some of the actions that can be carried out through professional emails.

4. Facilitates organization and control

By having a corporate email plan, you can create accounts by departments, by employee or another classification at your convenience. You can also assign an email address for customer service such as “”, for example.

Additionally, it is you who has the control of enabling the functionalities according to your requirements. In contrast to this, a free email provider has the power to change features and services whenever it wishes, without considering the interests or needs of users.

5. Provides greater data security

Professional email service providers offer additional security tools compared to free email services. These guarantee the protection of information against possible events involving data loss and intruder attacks.

6. Technical support

With a professional email you have the support of the specialized technical team to answer your questions and doubts at any time. The peace of mind of having advice, as well as the guarantee of the continuity and stability of the service, is definitely a great advantage.

Finally, keep in mind that the .lat domain is the ideal option for developing your business in the growing Latin market. And although the domain and professional emails seem to be only small details, they undoubtedly generate a great impact on the performance of companies.

Remember that among millions of names, maybe there will be many of the same, but none have your domain name and professional email .lat.