5 Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the World

October 7, 2022

Meet these 5 women entrepreneurs who are making a significant impact on the world with their ideas and actions.

Creating their own companies and taking them to unsuspected levels, leading disruptive projects with social impact and making contributions that transform large companies, are some of the feats that you will find in this selection of 5 women entrepreneurs who are changing the world. But best of all, they are examples of courage, perseverance, achievement, and support in the entrepreneurial landscape.


1. Leslie Feinzaig

From a family of entrepreneurs in Costa Rica, Leslie Feinzaig is a powerhouse in the world of technology and finance. She studied in England and the United States, at the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School. She started her professional career in consulting and IT companies.

After trying to launch her own products in educational games, she encountered a strong barrier in finding investors. This obstacle led her to create a community of women who were successful in raising funds for their startups. Thus, was born Female Founder Alliance, now Graham & Walker, a venture capital fund that supports technology companies founded by women.

Leslie firmly believes that cooperation is the key to women’s success in business. She also recognizes the importance of introducing children to entrepreneurship, which is why she also founded Venture Kits.

2. Wendy Sanassee

Born in Mauritius, this social entrepreneur worked in several NGOs in Africa and then fulfilled her purpose in Haiti. She studied Environmental and Chemical Engineering, in addition to a Master’s degree in Science and Project Management.

Today, Wendy Sanassee is dedicated to reducing energy poverty and counteracting its effects. Through the non-profit organization EarthSpark International , this environmental leader helps develop value chains related to clean and efficient technologies.

From a young age, Wendy wanted to improve the quality of life of people, especially those with the greatest difficulties. She combined this very well with her inclination for environmental conservation. With her intervention, rural communities that had no access to electricity have changed their reality.


3. Arnely Galán

This Cuban, better known as Nely Galán, is the first Latina to become president of a television channel in the United States.  She started very young as a manager of a TV station in New Jersey, but after 3 years of work, she was sold. This prompted her to start her own production company.

After several years of consulting for television networks, Telemundo appointed her as their president. Clearly, Nely is a successful entrepreneur with a long track record. She has used her example and her reach to inspire other Latinas.

Nely created El Movimiento Adelante  with the goal of boosting Latina entrepreneurship in the U.S., supporting economic success and strengthening her role in society.




4. Blanca Treviño

In the early 1980s Blanca Treviño graduated with a degree in Computer Systems Administration in Monterrey, Mexico. Although she studied her degree feeling uncertain because all her classmates were men, her father supported her in pursuing her dreams.

After being fired from one of the most important companies in her hometown, she dared to found her own company. Thus, in 1982, with a capital of $10,000 USD and 9 partners, Softek was born, the largest independent provider of information and communications technology services in Latin America.

Undoubtedly, Blanca is the forerunner of technological solutions in Latin America and the most powerful Mexican in the world of technology. The best part is that she never misses an opportunity to pass on her knowledge and experience to encourage other women entrepreneurs.

5. Jimena Flórez

After graduating from high school, Jimena traveled from her native Bogotá to Germany for a gap year. During her stay, she learned about the basic principles of sustainable agriculture, a relevant fact that would influence her future. Academically, she studied Finance in Colombia and International Relations at a business school in Australia.


Jimena began by focusing on providing development opportunities to farmers in her country through agricultural sustainability education programs. However, she managed to go further by creating a model that would bring organic products from the field to the table. Crossing borders, this entrepreneur conquered the U.S. market with her brand of low-sugar, gluten-free brownies and cakes, Chaak Healthy Snacks.


With her proposal, Jimena Flórez improves the quality of life of rural families in Colombia, as well as that of thousands of children in the United States, by changing their eating habits.

These 5 women are definitely changing the world for the better.  Each one of them, from their own space and according to their radius of action, is leaving a mark in the field in which they operate. Their success stories alone are a source of inspiration, don’t you think?