5 inspiring movies to watch as a family

August 18, 2022

If you love movies, here are some great recommendations to watch with your family and friends.


Whether at the cinema or at home, watching movies is an activity enjoyed by young and old alike. Don’t miss this selection of 5 inspiring movies that not only guarantee entertainment, but also leave important messages to reflect on as a family.


1. The Cabin

It was released in theaters in 2017 and became a boom on Netflix at the end of 2020. The film The Cabin is by British director Stuart Hazeldine and is based on William Paul Young’s bestseller of the same name. The formula of this family drama focuses on the need to understand fate and additionally provides large doses of hope.


The film’s plot revolves around the story of a man who, after overcoming a difficult childhood with an alcoholic father, manages to build a beautiful family. However, his tranquility is altered by a terrible tragedy, the disappearance of his young daughter while she was in his care on a picnic.

In the end, the protagonist lives a profound learning experience full of sobering messages for the viewers. Acceptance, forgiveness and faith are elements that come to the fore in this powerful film. One of the lessons learned from this story is that we all have the capacity to heal from strong emotional wounds and move forward, even with the power to help others.


2. Today, yes

Between the day-to-day routine and the responsibility of parents to be guides and protectors of their children, life can become tense for the whole family. In the film Hoy sí , producer and star Jennifer Garner recreates the children’s book written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Licktenheld, along with Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramírez.


It is an entertaining comedy that recounts the amusing experiences of a family who relinquishes control to their children for 24 hours. Tired of having said no a thousand times, they all decide to say yes to the proposals of the younger ones.  Although it is clear that they must take into account some basic rules such as not breaking the law and not disturbing the neighbors.

In any case, this film, beyond being fun, shows a family looking for alternatives to regain balance. Giving value to each member, considering their opinions and needs through communication, are some messages of Yes day. But, above all, the parents end up learning to work as a team and the children end up understanding that they are their greatest support.


3. Encanto

In November 2021 Disney released its production Encanto to the world. This animated film with shades of magical realism is inspired by Colombian culture and geography.  Spectacular images and a stunning soundtrack accompany a story with lessons for young and old.


The plot takes place in the home of a particular family where each member possesses an extraordinary ability. The powers of each one fills their relatives with pride and put them at the service of the community. The point is that there is a character lacking magical gifts, precisely the protagonist.

Among the themes touched upon in Encanto is that it is not necessary to have exceptional abilities to feel special. Each family member is unique, authentic and perfect just as he or she is, there is no need to look like someone else or try to be something different. On the other hand, the invitation to adults is to accept, respect and value people without belittling them or trying to change them.


4. The Mole Agent

If we are talking about Latin movies, the Chilean production El agente topo  is an excellent option for young and old. It is probably the most emotional spy story you will ever see on screen. Drama and comedy come together to reflect a harsh reality that many prefer not to pay attention to.


What starts as an interesting adventure for an 83 year old widower, ends up showing the not so rosy side of the elderly. It all starts when the protagonist accepts a job as a spy in an old people’s home.  Funny events occur as he learns to use electronic devices and tries to comply with his boss’s instructions.

The story takes a turn as the theme of espionage becomes less important and more about the needs of the elderly. The intention of this film is to raise awareness about how important it is to be present in the lives of grandparents.


5. Avengers Endgame

In 2019 the Marvel Universe unveiled the last of its four Avengers films. Avengers Endgame became at the time the highest grossing film of all time. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect combination of action and superheroes for the entertainment of the whole family, although it must be considered that its content may be intense for children under 13 years old.


In Avengers Endgame, the Avengers are committed to restoring order to the universe after a devastating battle. Values and principles such as love for one’s fellow man, friendship, perseverance, loyalty and teamwork come to the fore in this installment. In addition, the brave characters must deal with the loss of loved ones and make sacrifices for those they love.

In short, enjoying movies is a great opportunity to spend pleasant moments of relaxation and at the same time enjoy together an activity that everyone enjoys. Even better is to use the conversations that arise at the end to extract lessons that help build, improve or strengthen healthy families.


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