5 important actions to take care of the planet

August 18, 2022

There is no longer time to continue ignoring the climate crisis we are facing, nor is there any excuse to stand idly by. Discover 5 actions that will help improve the planet and become an agent of change.


There are about 8 billion people in the world who irremediably leave their footprint on the planet with their daily activities. There is no doubt that the way humans live significantly affects the environment in which they live. Today, the imminent climate change is the result of years of use and abuse of natural resources, coupled with the lack of effective actions to mitigate the damage caused.


What is climate change, and what are its consequences?

It is the variation of the planet’s climate associated with the increase in global temperature. This is due to the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil. Related to this, landfills, transportation, energy, agriculture, and industry are the main emitters of carbon dioxide and methane harmful to the atmosphere.


Among some events generated by climate change are: water shortages, melting of the poles, rising sea levels, fires, droughts, floods and storms. Of course, this directly affects humanity, threatens biodiversity and ecosystems.


In short, we have reached the point where it has become urgent for citizens, governments and companies to join forces to curb climate change. Otherwise, the planet’s not-too-distant future could be devastating. You may think that the greatest responsibility lies with large institutions and the industrial sector, but you are also an important part of taking care of the planet.


Here we share with you 5 important actions to take care of the planet that everyone can apply:


1. Sustainable mobility

It is clear that most transportation vehicles run on fossil fuels, which is why it is indispensable to make a rational use of them. Consider walking or riding a bicycle in case you have to make a short trip, besides avoiding the emission of polluting gases, it will help you stay healthy.


On the other hand, using public transportation and grouping to use only one car to go to work are actions that the planet will value. In short, the goal is to reduce the number of motor vehicles that circulate daily in cities and thus minimize the environmental impact when traveling.


2. Energy efficiency

The idea is to use less electrical energy without affecting the activities or the quality of life that we usually have. This is possible by acquiring some habits and making adaptations at home, including:


  • Changing traditional light bulbs for fluorescent lamps.
  • Unplugging electrical appliances that are not being used.
  • Making the most of natural light.
  • Check that everything is turned off when leaving the house.
  • Use appliances designed to save energy.


3. Recycling and saving resources.

Solid waste is definitely a big problem. Landfills have become one of the largest emitters of methane. In addition, waste impacts the soil and water and threatens animal life.


It is a good idea to dispose of batteries or used cooking oil in places provided for this purpose. Sorting waste and placing it in different containers by categories such as organic, paper, plastic or glass also helps. It is even better to reuse organic waste, packaging and any object in some way, as well as using ecological bags.


4. Conscious eating and responsible purchasing

You probably already know that extensive livestock farming harms the environment. In fact, this sector contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases by 15%, in addition to the felling of trees and soil deterioration and water pollution. You could do your bit by consuming less of this type of meat.


Another way to reduce your impact on the climate by controlling your diet is to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, preferably locally grown. In addition, review the products you have available in the fridge and pantry, make the most of them and avoid throwing them away.

To increase your contribution to the conservation of the planet, try to make more conscious purchases, taking into account what is really necessary for you and your family. Think that everything you buy can take years to degrade. Choose environmentally friendly packaging and brands whose companies are environmentally responsible.


5. Be an ambassador for change

Although measures to achieve a balanced climate require the active participation of all sectors of society, citizens are key players in the process. You can be an example for your community to follow, even an educator for children.


Find out about international programs, plans and agreements for the care of the planet, as well as your country’s commitments. Find the right spaces to express your opinion, motivate those around you, and as a consumer show your loyalty to brands that are inclined to make significant contributions to the conservation of everyone’s home.


To conclude, unfortunately, the climate crisis is a reality that is hitting us right now and the consequences are inevitable. However, it is in everyone’s hands to minimize the impact and improve environmental conditions.


More and more countries are committing to the goal of zero emissions by 2050 with actions that are being implemented now, meanwhile, what are you doing? Make your comments in our social networks.