4 books that an entrepreneur must read

August 18, 2022

If you are an entrepreneur or want to become one, you should know that it is a process of constant learning and growth. In these 4 books that we recommend you now, you will find a guide for the road.

Without a doubt, books are a source of inspiration. There is nothing better than knowing the experiences and teachings of those who have already traveled that journey you want to start. From biographies to topics related to personal growth, skills and techniques, entrepreneurs can find in literature a wide range of useful tools for their development.

In this opportunity, we want to share with you our selection of 5 of the best books that an entrepreneur should not miss.

1. The Art of Startup 2.0

The author of this book is Guy Kawasaki, one of the greatest exponents of marketing and new technologies. With the experience accumulated in his participation in innovative companies such as Apple, Canva and Garage Technology Ventures, this specialist presents a manual to make any business idea a reality.

Focused on execution and based on the principle of “doing”, The Art of Startup 2.0 helps to establish priorities and put feet on the ground. The purpose of the book is to provide support in a simple way, emphasizing that the key to entrepreneurship is to get down to work.

Although this is a classic bestseller born a decade ago, Kawasaki has released an updated edition. This version includes adaptations to digital transformation and online marketing.

2. The Lean Startup Method

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Ries explains in the book The Lean Startup Method, a business strategy that minimizes risk when launching projects to market. In addition, he offers basic principles to manage not only the startup but also the growth of companies.

Through a rigorous “validated learning” approach, Ries provides readers with a guide to increase the likelihood of startup success. It is based on the application of a continuous improvement cycle that allows the design of products or services to be adapted to customer demands.

Overcoming the typical uncertainty when innovating and finding the path to a sustainable business is possible by applying the tools presented in this book. The Lean Startup method is very useful to alter plans and adapt to changes with agility.

3. Wikinomics: The New Economy of Intelligent Crowds

Don Tapscott is a specialist in organizational transformation, business strategy and knows very well the role that technology plays in business and society. On the other hand, Anthony D. Williams is a researcher and consultant with expertise in economics and politics. Together, these authors explore in Wikinomics the phenomenon of global collaboration. 

This book shows the importance of using public domain strategies in order to enrich business research and development activities. Sharing stories such as those of BMW, Boeing, and Best Buy, among others, the writers convey the message that collaboration between consumers and businesses is essential, as is its effect on the global economy.

The new smart crowd economy highlights the benefits of the continuous interaction of millions of people and communities in the web environment. Likewise, the value creation that virtual democracy brings.

4. The 7 habits of highly effective people

It is clear that every entrepreneur must acquire soft skills and nurture their personal development. In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey gathers those aspects that will undoubtedly improve the organization, discipline and interpersonal relationships necessary to face any challenge in the best way.

This guide is made to inspire both great leaders and small entrepreneurs. By putting into practice these 7 habits that feed each other, entrepreneurs will be able to be proactive, prioritize situations, establish synergies and renew themselves.

Building habits of self-efficiency and better understanding of other people results in life transformation. In the end, behavior and the ability to handle events are useful strengths for business management.

To conclude, it is well known that one of the characteristics of entrepreneurs is constant personal and professional growth. In the books mentioned above, you will find tools for both cases. Additionally, there are countless works that can help you create a successful business together with a better version of you.

Of course, we would like to read your own list of books that every entrepreneur should read. Share your opinions on our social networks.