3 keys to make a successful resume

August 18, 2022

The resume is a fundamental element when looking for a job. Know what are the keys you should consider when creating it.


In an extremely competitive world, it is necessary to stand out from the crowd to achieve your goals. In the case of the labor market is no different, especially when looking for a job. To attract the attention and keep interested who reads your resume is the first opportunity you must be considered as a candidate in a selection process, so, it is essential to use the right tools and apply the best tips to be successful.


It is true that there is no single model or style of curriculum vitae (CV) to follow to the letter. However, being clear that the objective of this document is to demonstrate that a job profile is suitable for a particular job position, the ideal is to create an attractive, clear and representative summary that reflects both academic and work experiences as well as professional skills.



What should a winning resume include?

Although there are tools such as Canva that offer a variety of formats, templates, and resume designs that you can edit and adapt to your liking, there are certain basic data and sections that should not be missing. On the other hand, you can add additional sections that complement the information to give the recruiter a more concrete vision that you are the ideal candidate for the job.


  • Although this point seems obvious, the idea is to go a little beyond placing the phone number. It is advisable to also include your email address and your LinkedIn profile.
  • Including a paragraph dedicated to your professional goals in your CV gives recruiters a clear idea of what your aspirations are.
  • Professional profile. Showing a summary of your skills and aptitudes could be instrumental in capturing attention and contributing to making the decision to select you for an interview.
  • Work experience. In this section, be sure to include start and end date of each experience, department, position, duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Additionally, take the opportunity to highlight if you had a promotion or staff in charge.
  • Degrees and credentials. It is important to mention your academic background, highlighting as much as possible the credentials related to the job offer.
  • Relevant information. Posting supplemental information such as volunteer work, military experiences, organizations you belong to, computer skills, awards and hobbies will hint at your soft skills and personality traits.


The 3 keys that will give a plus to your CV

Keep in mind that a recruiter has little time to read perhaps hundreds of resumes, that’s why you have just a few seconds to capture his attention and a few more to keep him interested enough to perceive that you are the right person for him, so it is necessary to take care in creating the ideal CV. Here we give you 3 keys to give it the final touch:


1. Prepare a professional resume

Of course, the most relevant part of the resume is the information, but if it is messy, difficult to read, has spelling mistakes or has an inappropriate photograph, it does not project a professional image. Taking care with the organization of data as well as graphic elements, including colors and layout, is key.

Create your resume using legible fonts and an appropriate font size. Also, make use of headings, bold, bullets and blocks to make it easy to read and highlight the parts that interest you. Use tools such as VisualCV  to create your resume online with current templates.


2. Customize your CV according to the job offer

What’s better than offering just what they need. In this case, adapt your resume to the specifications of the job offer you wish to apply for. It is not about forcing or lying, simply highlight the work experiences similar to the one you aspire to or those skills that are of value for the position.

In this sense, you could also leave out those aspects that have nothing to do with the profile they are looking for. Do not forget to use keywords highlighting the technical knowledge associated with the performance of the desired position. For example, when applying for a developer position, it is convenient to name the programming languages and technological tools you master.


3. Go a step beyond conventional resumes.

Use creativity and apply some marketing elements to your document. Take a look at the corporate image of the company you want to belong to and use colors according to it. Do the same with their values, get to know them and name those capabilities or skills that go hand in hand with the organizational culture.


Finally, show that you are up to date in the digital era. If you have a website or online portfolio, don’t hesitate to add links. Likewise, include your professional social media accounts as well.


Now that you are ready to make a winning resume, we can only wish you success. And if you want to comment on this topic, we will gladly read you on our social networks.